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  1. The reason I'm posting this is, every time I try to ask something small about PDN, it get's locked. I thought an organized section in the Alfredo might solve this. Trust me, this is not official. And as in "small" and "minor" I mean stuff about PDN that seems obvious, but you're not sure. And have you seen the other organized threads out there? They've been up for 3 years, with over 10,000 responses! Literally, 10k! Amazing. Don't people get bored of the same thread after awhile?

  2. I've noticed that, throughout the forum, the mods never approve of any minor questions. Or at least, they don't think the questions deserve their own threads. So what do you get? A locked thread. Along the way, however, I've seen a bunch of worthless questions floating throughout the Alfredo. So, I figured, why not start a thread in the Alfredo where users can post minor questions? It's that simple. This is a place to post questions about Paint.NET that would have otherwise gotten locked because the mods believe there's no point to them. So, if you've always wondered something about PDN that seems rather obvious, Minor Yaps is your place to yap about it(err, post. whatever.). Happy Yaps, guys!

    Mods-if you believe there is no point to this thread, please don't let an argument erupt. I'm asking you to lock it(only if it goes that far, of course). No hard feelings. :wink:

  3. Hey mcamp14, remember the 3D galaxy effect you did on page 1? Well, could you try animating it when you have some spare time? That would look awesome. I'd explain how I did it my animation here, but it would be too complex to fit into a single reply. WTH, maybe I'll make a tut for it. :)

  4. Hi, guys. I've apparently turned out to be pretty good at space scenery, so I've done some tuts(a galaxy tut;; and a sun tut;, and I'm trying to make another one. Mcamp14 suggested a nebula tut, so that's the direction I'm headed for. However, it ain't easy. Trust me. Many members have tried and given up on creating quality nebulae, and seem to believe photoshop is the only solution. I beg to differ. They're tryin' to make pix with no help; and to display for themselves so no one learns their technique. But I believe I have stumbled upon some techniques and modded some other tuts enough to effectively mass-produce nebulae artwork. But like I said, I need help. I'm requesting your input and suggestions to make the best nebula tut possible. mcamp14 has already given me some useful information that is crucial for the color and build of the deep-sky object, but seriously, we need more than two people working to create this. Any ideas will likely be accepted, and encouraged. Below I have a rough prototype. Please tell me what needs to be improved, and if possible, how. This is basically going to become a tut that the community has helped create.


    A note to the mods-I don't mind posting this topic here, but I do believe it would receive a wider audience if it had a thread of it's own. I don't know if you approve of this, but if you do, please let me know.

  5. pokerchip.png

    Note: I did not design the structure of this chip, full credit for that goes to Boltbait. I did, however, modify the chip's markings, essentially making it a PDN chip.

    So...How much would the chip be worth? A free download of PDN, which is free anyway? :lol:

    It's symbolic. You know; Paint.NET is free.

  6. Thanks a ton for the input. It's almost entirely reshaped the methods I'll be using for the outline and colors of the nebula. The specs and guidelines are no longer a toss-up; it's now organized and standardized. I'll get to work on this, and I'll post progress in my gallery.

    Jerry's Paint.NET creations:

    Also, if you find any good plugins for this sort of project, please let me know.