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  1. Cool tut. :D It's hard to find a simple yet entertaining walk-through nowadays. This one i simple & unique.

    Here's my try:


    I tried zoning out a square selection & using the eclipse circle drawing tool to make a perfect circle for the mouth, but I forgot that I'd left the mode to fill, but I liked the outcome, so I kept it.

  2. One small question: why was the "paint.net" text kept as the forum logo rather than "Paint.NET"? I don't mean to be analytical, but the logo is now all white, so there's no red-green-blue-yellow color band like in the .net logo (from which the "paint.net" logo was derived from), so why keep the old text? Is it still an aesthetic thing, or...

    Still, I think the new forum is beautiful. I'm still adjusting to getting around & finding my posts, but seriously, you guys made the right move. I love the new look. Whenever I'm previewing one of my replies, the posting box's text looks so bland, but the outcome text looks amazing. Reminds me of Civ IV's UI. :)

  3. I've noticed when airbrushing, you usually come to a point in the canvas where the effect stops. Is there a way to circumvent this; or can Rick change PDN's code to fix this? It gets very annoying. It does the same thing when you use the clone stamp for clone stamping.

    Perhaps someone can use the concept this tut uses to develop a real airbrush plugin. That would be cool.

  4. Riddle boy, when I first perfected this method, getting the layer blending into the proper colors wasn't easy; I had to do some experimenting. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a realistic blue dwarf. But anyway, you're not doing it wrong, you just need to experiment. Try mixing unusual colors and differing transparency and see what you get. You'll never know until you try. Good luck. :)

    Please note: I'm pretty sure that you can recolor an already colored layer by applying the B&W effect, and then running color filter again.

  5. Sorry; as of February 2010, it is not an included feature. :? A brush system is being planned for v4.0, however.

    If you're interested in using plugins as a temporary drop-in replacement for authentic brushes, you may wish to check out this plugin: CustomBrushes Mini

    And as for an airbrush tool, a method for recreating the effect without any plugins has been developed(This tut also includes some other methods for additional effects): Faking Soft Brushes and the Blur/Dodge/Burn Tool I've found that this method can also be used for airbrushing transparency(like photoshop's variable eraser) if you blend your layers right.

    Good luck. :)

  6. Space...the final frontier. A thread to post your best space artwork (This is NOT an official thread; as far as I know :roll:; just a small posting for those who crave the sight of what lay beyond planet Earth). Consider this your...contribution to the Paint.NET forum; all things interstellar.

    Well, as Buzz Lightyear put it, To Infinity and Beyond!

  7. All I'm saying is, when you have a forum for your program with a couple thousand members, development can put you under a lot of pressure; and bog you down (not to mention when you're working with over 100,000 finely crafted lines of code). Especially if it's a project done in your spare time. All I'm saying is a collaborative approach might be more efficient.

    But still Rick, Thanks for Paint.NET. :)

  8. What if some other forum members were willing to help with such a project?

    And doesn't Rick already have some help with writing Paint.NET? This isn't a one-man-deal; Paint.NET has become a very complex program and development will take forever if Rick does it himself (not to mention the stress involved). I'll admit, Rick is the brilliant mastermind behind Paint.NET, but everybody needs help sometimes.

  9. In terms of future planning, what if a + version of Paint.NET (that was still free) was made that took advantage of high-end GPUs to increase performance? Not necessarily implementing the layer feature request I mentioned above, but in general, wouldn't a GPU-assisted version be much faster?

    Gamers with the latest machines would probably find this interesting.

  10. I've recently bought windows 7 home premium full edition (my current OS was screwed up), and I've noticed a significant speed boost. Before, around a hundred plugins would take about 10 seconds to load, but now 212 plugins load in just 3 seconds. 3 seconds!! I've also noticed a speed boost while rendering. I don't know if it was the v3.5.3 update, or the performance differences between Win7 RC and the finished product, but I'm happy that I'll no longer have to scrap any of my plugins.

    Thank you Rick for your effort in PDN. :)

  11. 0(-.-)0, I found this awesome pic on the web while reading about Independence Day (the film) that compares famous fictional starships and satellites. Turns out, the executor is 11 miles long!

    The pic is here:http://webtwee.net/images/space_comparison_chart_huge.jpeg

    Hey Lance McKnight, in case you're curious, the death star is roughly 100 miles in diameter (99.2 mi/160 km; The Death Star II[The Death Star I was 120 km); whereas the Borg assimilation cube is a puny 1.88 miles in diameter for comparison (3040 m, or about 3 km).

    I think the Borg have met their match. :twisted:

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