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  1. I am having trouble selecting a part of my image. the rectangular wont work because it is a flower petal. It curls the whole page / underneath area which is all transparent, so it is adding a corner to my curved flower petal. Any suggestions for how I should select better?
  2. Thanks. ok, 2 questions: -will I have an option of whether or not to compress when I save as PNG after installing plugin? -will that preserve the color / hex code that is outside of the 256?
  3. I have been creating wallpaper for my website and saving as jpeg so that I can keep the colors. I read that gif only saves colors that are in the basic 256. I even experimented and what they say about gif and colors is true. of course, I have been very sad with the rough edges of the images after saving in jpeg. What can you recommend in this case? Which mode of saving would preserve color AND smooth edges of my curvy drawings? :?: :?: I love paint dot net and have promoted it every chance I get.
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