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  1. I am having trouble selecting a part of my image. the rectangular wont work because it is a flower petal. It curls the whole page / underneath area which is all transparent, so it is adding a corner to my curved flower petal. Any suggestions for how I should select better?
  2. Thanks. ok, 2 questions: -will I have an option of whether or not to compress when I save as PNG after installing plugin? -will that preserve the color / hex code that is outside of the 256?
  3. I have been creating wallpaper for my website and saving as jpeg so that I can keep the colors. I read that gif only saves colors that are in the basic 256. I even experimented and what they say about gif and colors is true. of course, I have been very sad with the rough edges of the images after saving in jpeg. What can you recommend in this case? Which mode of saving would preserve color AND smooth edges of my curvy drawings? :?: :?: I love paint dot net and have promoted it every chance I get.
  4. We put the anti alias in again. I had gotten it from the same kitty page. It is in the folder and in the pdn now. It looks completely different. But I think it's not working. We enlarged the image and tried the effect both with and without selecting an area first. We put the controls at full strength, I think. We even repeated 5-10 times to see whether we could detect any effect. No go. Thank you for your patience.
  5. I now have in effects: tilefrom clipboard dll jchunn dll The tile pluging is now showing up in Effects in pdn!! The preview does nothing. But clicking "ok" does render tiling effect!!!! Will re install antialias again now.
  6. okay, I will follow those instructions. But what about the anti alias plugin?
  7. Inside effects folder: jchunn DLL file tilefrom clipboard2 SLN file tielfrom clipboard2 file folder PDN:version 3.3x I cannot find a dll for the tile one anywhere right now. And neither are working. I have already "unblocked" them and I just re-checked that. I have tried re-downloading, but I guess I could again. Kelly
  8. Thanks, I'll clarify. these are the only 2 I have tried. The drag and drop looks like its working fine. But plugin never shows up anywhere in paint.net. You ask: "Are you placing the plugin .dll into the PaintDotNET Effects sub-folder?" As I said, I did that for one of them only because I could not see a dll for the other. Yes Vista is up to date. What version of pdn? I am not sure how to tell. It was the most recent when I downloaded it about 6 months ago. Have done it over several times to try different things. What else can I try?
  9. I hope someone will help us. We have been using paint.net for a few months and we cannot get ANY plugins to work. I have carefully followed steps to unblock and unzip from desktop and tried to drag into paint.net. We are using vista. The plugins are "TileFill from Clipboard2" and "anti alias plugin jchunn" I tried to put them into effects. Only the tile one has a dll file. They other, I did not see one. Please speak slowly and clearly. I really hope you can help. Thanks.
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