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  1. The ad has a "download now" button, making it misleading. A new user likely would see it before the real link above it. I also saw it before the real download link. Ohh, I get it, I was just wondering, I didn't even know you can remove ads, But ok. I think Rick can remove ads, because of AdSense. I may be wrong, though.
  2. The ad has a "download now" button, making it misleading. A new user likely would see it before the real link above it. I also saw it before the real download link.
  3. It appears there's another "Download Now" ad on the homepage again. Any way to remove it? ~JW
  4. Ah, but the mods are teh offline right now! I wish v4 was here.....
  5. I installed it just fine. First loadup after installing took a little longer than normal (too big a change in too little a time), but now everything is fixed and up to speed. Nothing at all went wrong.
  6. Yes, I'm a n00b. No, I'm not lazy. :wink: Most of my work is (sic?) sigs/avatars, which are shiny but basic. CURRENT AVATAR/SIG COMBO Previous Sig Sig before that... Never publicly-released sig Why did I decide against this? I am right that there are dolphin-lovers out there (I love dolphins, too), and I decided they might get ticked at this sig. So I designed a new sig immediately after. My VERY first sig
  7. In my opinion, this question would be better asked here or here. I know, I poked in on the second link before you replied, but no reply yet...
  8. Rating on Survulus's sig: 9.524 / 10. Pros: It's just awesome. Cons: I couldn't read the sig at first, but I took a second look and saw it. That's it, really.
  9. Hey! I feel like I've made a bit too many sigs for my n00b-ish time here. I would like to know which one of my sigs you think is the best, so I can stick with it...just wondering. :-)
  10. It really reminds me of buttons on iPhones/iPod touches. Nice work!
  11. :-O ... It's not that realistic, is it??????
  12. Nah, manual work is better. ;-) :-P
  13. This is my first tut, so I really hope you like it! Today we will be making the classic yellow Post-It (™, ®, etc.) note. More colors may be added soon. END RESULT: To do this, you'll need one plugin. That is the anti-aliasing plugin. Getting Started We're going to make a 200 by 200 pixel image. Create a new image with that size. Delete the white background with the magic wand tool. (You can do a background later...) The Outline :LineCurveTool: To begin, draw two straight lines, one near the top, one near the right edge. Make sure these lines are colored with the hex code #FFF8D6. Try to make this as square as possible. Check-up: You should have something like this so far (barely visible): :LineCurveTool: Near the left edge, draw another line, but wait. Make sure that the line is slanted barely to the left. For you math geeks, it should be around 5 to 10° to the left. Then, make sure that the bottom of this line is further up than the right edge's bottom. Also, add in a very slight curve. Check-up: You should have something kind of like this so far. I used a black background to let you see exactly where the line curves, etc. :LineCurveTool: For the bottom edge, just connect the bottoms of the two lines, and give it a little downward curve. I don't think I should give a picture for the sake of my bandwidth, and you should have the imagination to draw it in your head. :-) Fill'er up! :PaintBucketTool: Fill the post-it with the same hex, first with a tolerance of 44%, then again with a tolerance of 66%. That removes any anti-aliasing, which we'll deal with later. Check-up: You should have something like this. Still using a black background for visibility. Don't use that tone with me! Time to give this some more realistic tones. Select the post-it with the magic wand. :LinearGradient: Make a linear gradient. One hex will be #FFF8D6, then the other #FFE770. Make sure that the darker color is on top! :AntiAliasingOn: Now let's undo our anti-antialiasing. Go to the "Antialiasing" tool (Effects>Antialiasing). Going down, the numbers should be 9, 980, then 1. Groundhog Day (shadow time!) :DuplicateLayer: Duplicate the layer you were working with. :Down: Move the layer down under the post-it layer. Set the brightness to -100. :Delete: Delete the upper 3/4 of the shadow layer. Move and rotate to where there is a very clear shadow under the lower-left corner. :GaussianBlur: Gaussian Blur with a setting of at least 10. I used 13. You'll be done write away! Use a handwritten font (my fave is Hand of Sean) and type something.... You're done! Thanks for reading!
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