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  1. I think this is the best signature I've made, even if the render quality is pretty low (because I stupidly tried to do a high contrast glow and realized the flaw after I had saved). Critiques?
  2. Set your secondary color to white, select Gradient, turn the :AllColorChannels: to :AlphaChannelOnly:, and make the gradient. Keep it at linear. You should be drawing the gradient on the same layer as the line, and they should be on a different layer than the background. For maximum results, you should be doing each line on a seperate layer and then merging them all when you're done. I like to keep my lines into three or so layers judging by their size.
  3. Is it possible to go over the 600 brush size limit? I need to use a bigger brush size, believe it or not. I'm making a screen sized background image, and 600 simply isn't big enough for the brushes that I'm using (Psionic Storm brushes). In addition, I'm also suffering from the undo button not working on me after the first time.
  4. This one's in two parts because I was making it for a forum that only allowed a max height of 100 px. As you can see, I used Mike Ryan's alpha masking tutorial as well. I originally wanted to also use Flip's Glass, but it would've conflicted with the alpha mask shape. Also, I haven't perfectly lined it up yet
  5. The one I used doesn't really help to the sig's visual appeal on any mode I use. Is that just the c4d, the sig, or the particular way I used it?
  6. I'm pretty sure I did, thank you very much.
  7. I have. They have spots of black that I'm sure aren't supposed to be there.
  8. My canvas was 500x150, to accommodate for the small size of the actual design.
  9. 1. How do I know a good C4D when I see one? 2. How do I use it in signatures? (I've heard changing the layer mode to additive/screen/overlay, but that doesn't work too well for me) 3. How do I 'extract an alpha channel' from C4Ds (if you even can)? 3b. If not, what can I do about the black in this c4d pack? Thanks.
  10. I'm having problems on step 17, in the Colors section. When I do Gaussian blur at 15, it's WAY too blurred and it's fading into transparency.
  11. I did an avatar instead of a signature. I think it would've looked better using version 2.
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