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  1. Please add the picture, you must have deleted them off photobucket. :wink: EDIT: OMG LOL, I watched that movie when I was a kid!
  2. Wow, thank you soo much!! P.s Why don't they change the link of the "search" button to go to that website? lol
  3. I need somthing like this that generates lines diagonaly =[ Nice plug-in though :O
  4. Hey, I searched all over for this and I even searched with the "search" button and I can't find it anywhere. =[ Can someone help me find the "Diagonal Line" Plug-in? Thanks very much this will help a lot.
  5. Nice tutorial. If you want to do a copyright sign it's, ALT + 0169 = ©
  6. Yeah, its not letting me download it either. This seems like a very useful plug-in and I was hoping to download it. =l Can someone please help me out here?
  7. Hey, I was wondering if there was a plugin to align your picture to the center or something? If there is where can I get it Thanks! - Wookie
  8. Alright, I got all my problems worked out GREAT tut! Thanks
  9. Now I don't get this :[ Do I leave the render huge or leave it the same size as the one I'm using? And then I don't get what I'm erasing and then what I do to it lol.. Anyone help? >:O
  10. Where do you find the Effects - Alpha Mask to make it not have a mask?? :O Please help lol.. This is a very nice tut! EDIT: Oh, lol.. I'm stupid... - Downloading
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