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  1. Thank you! I dont know which one but i will definitely try something else. This is unbelievable, i keep trying to realize what happened. I cannot even fix anything because i changed my computer with an imac and as everybody knows Paint.net dsnt work on mac (which is so hurting because im in love with Paint). But because im in no mood whatsoever to try anything else i think ill install windows too on this mac so ill be able to use it again, i so miss it.
  2. Yes i can see and i dont understand why; i never deleted the pics from photobucket, still they r not there! Hm...
  3. Ha ha that is so funny (ur image) and so well done; merry christmas possum
  4. @ aislin ur image is so nice! good work @bryan thats not "some" rain, thats heavy rain lol; its nice though And....Happy holidays everybody!
  5. Just changed the colours and got rid of the backround. Im sorry i cant post the original pic, i pressed delete by mistake so i dont have it anymore
  6. @Possum u should make a tutorial for that hummingbird, its so beautiful
  7. Thank you Possum and WOW. Ur image is great, i wonder if i'll ever be able to create something like this
  8. @ barb @ bjarni @ welsh Thank you all very much @henry I personaly use only paint.net, im addicted to it; and u have no ideea how many abstract images u can create...endless. Did u check the tutorials? And a new one called...i dont know, "freedom" maybe
  9. Anyone can pls tell me why "smudge" is not working anymore? It was always ok but after i updated paint.net i noticed i dont have it anymore so i did reinstall it, its now back in effects/distort but dsnt want to work (gives me plugin error). What should i do?
  10. Oma thank u so much, coming from u its a real compliment Also thanks to sokagirl and u r right should be one at a time, will not happen again
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