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  1. Messing around with creating a spacescape and i ending up creating this:
  2. I even turned mine into an avatar and forum sig ( the ones i am currently using )
  3. Made some more Avatars and Sig's using my planet as a base: Avatars: Sig's:
  4. Thats what in did with your planet tutorial , I was wondering if using a lense flare would be better ( you can see the picture in my gallery or your 100%PDN planet thread tut)
  5. Hey there, great tutorial! I had a go my self and came up with this: I then had alook around, learnt a bit more and made some changes. Added a "sun-glare", improved the shading and atmosphere "glow" as well as addign stars!!!
  6. Hey there, I ahve been trying out a few tutorials and one of the pictures i made would look great with a lense flare. Is this possible in Paint.net? I know photoshop has a lense flare feature, but we all know paint.net is better than PS. =MA=
  7. sorry for the triple post but theres a few hours between each post so i hope its not a problem :? I think i am getting better at this "abstract thing", what do you think:
  8. Another update! i did these within the last half hour:
  9. update the first post with new pictures - feedback is welcome, even on old pictures
  10. Thank you If anyone is intrested i made a "speed painting video" - just shows the production of the picture through various stages: sokagirl - The font id the "Diablo" font from the Diablo games
  11. Update: A friend of mine drew this picture a while ago. Yesterday they saw some of my work and asked my to "colour" it. So i did. Here is the finished result: What do you think?
  12. that it? cool, thanks - i thought there would be some sort of complicated process involved lol
  13. Hey there, I did a seach but i couldnt find anything on here. I foudn this tutorial - Brush metal with shine and colourand was wondering how do i go about making it a gold metal looking colour? Is it even possible with Paint.net to get a good looking gold metalic texture look? =MA=
  14. ok i got a good looking effect, but now how do i do the "details" like the glowing writing, the "lines" and the Circle looking thing? I tried a few things nad it urgh...well it was rubbish when i tried adding the details. :oops:
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