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  1. i fixed it to be split of 5 separate images all 800x<800 pix personly i cant see the point in splitting it up as it was around 512kb to begin with so if you couldnt load that then you would have to be on dial up or something old but i dont want to start a argument as i did what you wanted and as i said its just a personal view on it and i can understand that big images can make pages odd and long
  2. Soz for the double post but the other one did seem to work i should have put some more pictures in but i didnt have enough space :S I think the drop shadow is a plug in (cant remember) so soz again for not having the link for it if it is
  3. still think the last one is the best effect i does look like real shot glass (though it does feel a bit cartoony)
  4. i think the way im doing it isnt right it looks more like bullet proof glass as there is a closer shatter and with the bullet holes it looks a bit odd i dont think they should be there. i change it to this though: and then managed to get this out of it which i feel looks a lot better i dont know if you users want me to or not but i can make a tut on this if there isnt one already thank you ill have to make one sometime once i get round to finishing some stuff
  5. thanx a lot ill try it out and see if it looks a lot better i did have a look at it after i had done them and it works in a different kinda way but never the less ill have a look again and see if i can use it in any way Edit: any better?
  6. Iv been trying this for a while and have still not been able to perfect it this is the best iv managed to come up with so far but it still feels like is not as good as it could be this is kinda what im aiming to achive any one got any ideas on how i could improve this? thanx
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