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  1. nice tutorial anyway heres my try i messed up a little bit :evil:
  2. oops, sorry i must of read it wrong :evil:
  3. you can use this site and just get fonts for free http://www.typenow.net/themed.htm (if you need help installing fonts there is a tutorial on how to do it!)
  4. Yes, you can do many many many! things with PDN(seriously just look at the sigs. people have created), theres is actually a flame plugin. There is also a tutorial on how to create flames its titled "start a fire with paint.net" just look carefully at the tutorial titles. 8)
  5. That happened to me a few hours ago then i ran a disk cleanup(i use bloody potato cleaner, also theres a registry tool in it and also ran that. this program is also free!) and it worked. So i really don't know what you should do just try to open it every now and then.
  6. Use layers! they are your best friend, well if you know how to use them correctly
  7. thanks i tried to put shooting stars coming out of the corner or something, but could never do it :evil:
  8. i tried to create a realistic image, but i failed :evil:
  9. nice tutorial im sure it will come in handy, thanks!
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