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  1. I have a circle selection with a texture in it. I want to add a gradient to make it look curved outward. How would I do this?
  2. There is no Rectangular to Polar Conversion plug-in. The link http://paintdotnet.1...opic.php?t=1849 404's
  3. I would also like to know too what happened to them. The link you give to ask about them doesn't work. It 404's.
  4. I used the noise reduction effect. It did a pretty good job, but still left a few artifacts. So, what is the best way to remove jpeg artifacts? Are there any plugins, that do a real good job of removing the artifacts?
  5. I was reading that diagonal blurs can help with compression in png's. http://pngmini.com/lossypng.html Does Paint.net have a averaging filter on the diagonal?
  6. I have been trying to do a software box. Photoshop has a transform that will scale and distort. I can't find anything like that in paint.net. Have I missed it in the plugins?
  7. The download link is no longer any good.
  8. The paint.net clone stamp does not seem one quarter as good as the photoshop clone tool. Is there a clone plugin that has opacity and spray settings. While I am asking, is there a airbrush spray plugin for paint.net.
  9. I was doing some work on a previous graphic, and just could not get text done in Georgia font to match my previous text. I got the font size right, but the text was way too wide. Apparently the kerning was too big. Then after a while of messing with it, I was able to match the text. Apparently the kerning had gotten smaller. What gives on the Kerning change ? I wish paint.net had the ability to change the kerning. Definitely a bug here. Wish I knew how to reproduce it.
  10. I have want to save as gif. But what does transparency threshold mean ? I have loaded a gif in and copy and pasted from a other gif. That means I can get away with no dither right?
  11. I got the same problem! Sharpen+ threatens to crash paint.net Using paint.net version 3.55.3767.28608 Using tanel_pluginpack_20100722.zip File: D:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\Sharpen+.dll Effect Name: Sharpen_.EffectPlugin Full error message: PaintDotNet.WorkerThreadException: Worker thread threw an exception ---> System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. at PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.PdnNativeMethods.x86.EffectKernel_GaussianBlur(PdnBitmapData& dstBitmap, PdnBitmapData&
  12. How do you save a png with a transparent background for the web, like you would in gif ? -
  13. I edited the ini files and made it a bit better for me. now the buttons do what they say. But I still would like Horizontial flip button to come before vertical flip button. I prefer the order of the buttons to be. None Horizontial flip button Vertical flip button. Rotate 90 CW button. Rotate 90 CCW button. Rotate 180 button. 1st diagonal 2nd diagonal same thing for the mirror/rotate menu
  14. I tried out your effects. The vertical flip button flips horizontal. The horizontal flips vertical. I am not really certain what the 1st and second diagonal do. I think you also need to rename a button 90 CCW(counter clockwise). Just like they doing in photoshop transform. I had read such good reports on this plugin and now I am disappointed .
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