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  1. Does this apply to glass necklaces?
  2. What is other "handful of ways to remove pencil marks" tools?
  3. Can you reupload the picture of your tut please?
  4. What about grave stone that you find in graveyard?
  5. What about grave stone that you see on gravetomb?
  6. Should I enable anti-alias or not? Should I use the clone stamp on the anchor area or outside the anchor area? Where can I find the feather blurs effect?
  7. Reupload the Dents 'Classic' plugin please.? I need it for my wood texture.
  8. Do you merge the layer or not?
  9. I don't know how and only one who did the exploding firdbird pictures is not there anymore and that yy10 but the picutres of exploding firebird tut is not there anymore.
  10. I'm looking for someone to do a firebird (Phoenix) tut with pictures guide. Why? It for my artwork and I really need the firdbird tut with pictures guide. This is my request.
  11. Can anyone do the exploding firebird tut with pictures please?
  12. I really need those firebird tutorail and the pictures badly.
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