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  1. This is my first post here and i have been and member since last night and have downloaded and few plugins(any recommendations) and i have created this pic...aint that good but i compiled it of 3 seperate pictures and then edited them individually...I aint very good at paint programs but i found Paint.NET to be the best.....(for free ) better than Gimp....ect So this is what i created....i love my xbox 360 and i love Gears of War.... enjoy my 1st ever creation on paint.net! 1. The Fire was created by using the clouds and then editing the Curves 2. Then i added the Gears of War logo with a transparent background and edited it... 3. Then i used the Gears of War title and used a transparent backgorund on that and then them all together 4. Finally i used some blur and glow effects just to make it look better ....