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  1. hi um, i sent you a reply to the PM you sent me and here is the link on here aswel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_aldGev4fM&fmt=18 post back if its ok for ya!
  2. Rendering time depends on your quality, resolution, etc, settings. Heres a simple intro: Use the transform editor to edit a fractal. Theres a button on the toolbar to open it. This should open a window with some triangles, a preview window, and a tabbed area. In the tab area, select Variations and a list of names and values will pop up. These control the shape and overall outcome of the fractal, and are the sole basis of it. Try toying with these to get different shapes etc. Also, remember that you can add, move, and manipulate triangles. Theres tons of tools in Apo and you'll figure them out as you go. Thank you soo much, i could work out how to edit them, i thought you had to use the pre rendered ones! TY
  3. Urrghh, i need to know how to make these amazing fractals!!! I now have apophysis 3D Hack, but its kinda complicated, any simple straight forward steps to making a plain render? I mean what is all of those down the side? Thanks, oh and rendering to disk to a long time?
  4. You seem so excited. ™™™ Offtopic™: JS™, you gonna play Halo 3™ later? Have i added you? Whats you Gamertag? But i dunno, i have coursework and some revision to do ill see, what time you on?
  5. Yeh i can see what you mean! And Taking back sunday are awesome!!! "Whats it feel like to be a ghost???!" Slipknot - Duality, then Before I Forget, then My Plague, then Left Behind! LOL
  6. Linkin Park - Given Up (Minutes To Midnight!) Yeh i like Linkin Park!
  7. You missed one...that i know of 8) ALT + 0153 ™ The TradeMark Sign!!! oh and ¬ without the ALT code it next to 1 button! Just press shift for it!
  8. Too true! TPBM: Hates it when there is no milk left and they have to go to the shop to get some more?
  9. Dont reall like the colours TBH, i think some Blue, silver and maybe black would look good, and then make master chief stand out with a glow or a white mask over him? But nice....most people create some good stuff when they are bored!
  10. Wow, which program do you use to make them? They are really good! They must have taken you a while to make! Apothesis with 3d hack, it says. Oh didnt see that thank you!
  11. Wow, which program do you use to make them? They are really good! They must have taken you a while to make!
  12. Gears of War II Baby!!! Its being confirmed! http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/g/gearsofwar2/ Gears of War II Trailor and is out November!!! Cant Wait!
  13. ^ Is also wrong < Cannot Wait for gears of war II which has been confirmed!!! Oh yeh baby! v Is very Tired!
  14. Eminem feat Nate Dogg - Till I Collapse! Wow eminem at his best
  15. This is something that I have to do for my IT GCSE at school Create a Navigation/Menu Bar! What u think? I only need them to be simple!
  16. um take a look at deezer! They already have a load of songs on their...and when you add them to your profile...you can make a small media player thing that can be put in your website or in a blog or whatever! and you can upload your own! http://www.deezer.com (flash based site beware!)
  17. That is amazing. How EXACTLY did you do that? That is the hottest thing I've seen all day. :shock: Well it says what she did above the pic....you must have seen....and i take it you have....and when tried i dont get this result at all!!! It goes Pastel plugin...then Ink Plugin....but i couldnt figure out the exact attributes (settings)! We must know....this is a truly spectacular creation! Nice one! Also +1 recommendation for a Tutorial!
  18. Just finised listening to What Ive Done - Linkin Park (Minutes To Midnight) And are now listening to A Place For My Head - again Linkin Park!!! wooo
  19. My Laptop's screen resolution is: 1440 X 900 Nice!
  20. 1024 X 768 Its an old 17" LCD Screen!!! V. Good, its a dell too!^_^
  21. Do you mean the NHS? Dont get me started on the NHS...yeh there good but its free and some people (immigrants(Not saying all of them)) come over here and get a free health service without working or paying tax!!! It really annoys me!
  22. For the UK'ers: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7240234.stm
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