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  1. LOL im 15 and i know who MC Hammer is....STOP! Hammer Time!
  2. True. Although it be an old ipod mini that i never use! TPBM... has a GF/Wife
  3. Hey I didn't remember that one. That's great I too add my request of this possible feature. Whats the [...] for? Did i say a bad word :shock:
  4. That looks dead good...how did you follow a PS tutorial on PDN? And whats the link to the tut BTW?
  5. wow that looks dead good....is entirley made from PDN or did you use stock images?
  6. And it does just that. It's pretty much seamless. Looks great! WOW Thanks...I made it this morning and it took me about 10 mins!!! I Bet if i spent longer on paying attention to more detail i bet it would look even better!!! Icant work on a project for long because i want to finish it quick!!! Just like i completed halo 3 on the night it came out!!! Kinda disappointed though...going off topic now EDIT: I created this sig a while ago but i have just come to edit it and try and make it look better...could you lot tell/vote which one is the nicest/best....cheers Original: Edited:
  7. Just a collage of some gears of war pics And i just used some transparency gradients to make it look good....
  8. Erm well i can see you pic for my parental controls on my dads laptop .....could you get it from somewhere else? please?
  9. I created this just..... I used two photos, Then scaled them down so they fit side by side on one canvas, Then used the gradient tool , set it to transparency mode :AlphaChannel: and then put a linear gradient :LinearGradient: between the two pics so they blend together! Simple..... EDIT: These are the layers.....
  10. Yeh i used a stock image...i could never draw anythin like that!!!
  11. Erm....there a lot of preset patterns.... Whoa soz for the size...but....
  12. Created this gas effect using the cloud effect! EDIT: Added A Border
  13. I think there should be a default option and also an option to make you canvas trasnparent as default!!! Would make life easier!
  14. I cant stop making Sigs 1) 2) Vote! 1 or 2!!! You decide (Please)
  15. I got some inspiration from your visions sig...and i created these....but i need you all to choose which one is the best! The difference is that the "shine"/"reflection" has been gaussian blured and stayed the same on the other...so choose which is nicest/smartest/whatever..... 1) 2)
  16. Nice pics Fire_Ants...there really good! How do you do the diagonal lines and the cross hatch lines??? You should do a tut for al off those effects!!! There really good! I made this animation using a website...but i made the pics uing Paint.NET! Enjoy!
  17. Well i have downloaded the .ttf file to my documents and then i do the process and then it installs the font in the font folder and im still left with the .ttf file in my documents! Can i delete this? I thought it was like a .exe file...once you have downloaded the .exe file and installed the program you can delete the .exe file?!?! Thanks
  18. New Userbar for paint.net hope u all like it....anyone who wants to know how to do this just ask me cus i added a secret to it EDIT: Added a border!
  19. Userbar for paint.net there is my version with my name and a blank version to edit and put in you name if you wish!!! this is mine and this is the attachment for the .png file!! EDIT: I got the tut from this site BTW people http://paul.hatfield.googlepages.com/paintdotnet-userbar-tutorial.html
  20. Thank you so much...i didnt know where to start downloading al of these plugins!! thank you....and i only had to replace one of my 11 that i had already installed!!! again nice one
  21. My Glass Button Attempt! My Toy Car Attempt! Lighting!
  22. erm hi guys thanks for the tut...but i have one question and CBA to go through all the pages individually reading everones post to see if they have asked the same question that im asking...(cant say u wouldnt do the same....were humans; lazy ) anyways....can i just delete the .ttf file after installing the font??? thanks again for the tut and all of the other tuts!!!
  23. This is my first post here and i have been and member since last night and have downloaded and few plugins(any recommendations) and i have created this pic...aint that good but i compiled it of 3 seperate pictures and then edited them individually...I aint very good at paint programs but i found Paint.NET to be the best.....(for free ) better than Gimp....ect So this is what i created....i love my xbox 360 and i love Gears of War.... enjoy my 1st ever creation on paint.net! 1. The Fire was created by using the clouds and then editing the Curves 2. Then i added the Gears of War logo with a transparent background and edited it... 3. Then i used the Gears of War title and used a transparent backgorund on that and then them all together 4. Finally i used some blur and glow effects just to make it look better ....
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