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  1. Created another sig lol! This time I encorprated my xbox live gamercard Got inspiration from Fire_Ants for the twist in the middle
  2. Hmmm Still open.... anyway I have seen 16MB Download speed and unlimited download amount for £10 a month...with Sky! Does anyone know if their any good...cus thats a good deal IMO
  3. Ahhh Balls! NVM and erm i live in the UK :S so that deal is out da window
  4. Hi guys, im sure youve all ready guessed what this topic is about... but i need to know which is the ost reliable and cheapest ISP out there... we are currently on AOL and TBH... they stink, they are absolouty s***** so we decided to change..but like I said before...which ISP is the most reliable and cheapest??? And dont say AOL!!!! Thanks guys
  5. Just find some PS tuts and just get around them...i used a PS tut and came out with a pretty simliar result!
  6. Um i know its expensive but if your gonna make a game then i suggest you invest in Macromedia Flash 8 or something like that from Macromedia... I use it a school and had to make an animation using that program and in my spare time in class i made a game like a space shooter (2D of couse) but a very basic one... but you can get Flash 8 *cough cough* *wink wink* Hope that aint against the rule :S
  7. Also when on a new layer CTRL+D to de-select the area this allows you to put what ever you want in any space on the canvas!
  8. Yeh i made a simple password storer! Dunno wat i was thinkin when i made that but hey atleast i made a program...oh and i also made a paint program... usign tuts from internet of course
  9. bugster liked the effect behind my alienware head in my sig and he asked if i could do a tut on it... but the only problem is i forgot how to do it!!! But i tried and messed around with effects and came up with this...is it like the one in my sig... because from me i can see that the one in my sig has a darker blue around the edge... and TBH its quite easy and i dont think it needs a tut but its up to you guys!!!
  10. Flex - Dizzer rascal I love it when you flex like dat...slow, fast, up, down, bring it back lol
  11. Yes the other day paint.net forums was experiencing an error and i couldnt log on to the site or even see the index page!!! Has any one else had this problem??? Because it was saying something about the mysql_ somit or another...i should of Print Sceened it too late for that now....anyways i tried on 2 different computers and i still got the same message! It was there for about a week or so... so anyone else now or had this problem Oh and tell me if this is the wrong forum or not! Thanks
  12. Right guys...im gonna need your vote!!! I have edited my avatar and i decided that a colour tint would look good, but as there are so many colours...i cannot decide.... 1) Original 2) Red Tint 3) Green Tint 4) Dark Blue Tint 5) Light Blue Tint So which one will it be...any other colour tints are welcome as comments BTW People!!!
  13. So this is going to be a WAYLT Thread... as I searched and couldnt find one already! (Mods can only make this an official thread...I cant so..*wink wink, cough cough,:Dlol*) Whats a WAYLT Thread? Well it stands for What Are You Listening To? and all you do is answer the question....but dont post and say "none" because thats spamming, as I see it, and we want to be kind to the wonderful and helpful community that is Paint.NET Forums. So get posting what your currently listening to and comment on each others songs... And again, dont start being obnoxious by saying "Thats such a stupid song....you obviously have no taste GTFO loser" so dont do it!!! Mods will be watching.... 94 hours - As I Lay Dying
  14. LOL to me it sounds like a German Rocket Launcher or Tank anyways Bugster........7.5/10.......it sounds like a childs name...(You probs are but anyhoo) Mines my gamertag for xbox live, feel free to add me if you got xbox live...send me a message first to say who you are if you do...
  15. True...aint belguim(thats where your from right?) if so, aint it the place of many chocolates??? TPBM Thinks Photoshop CS3 is a rip off?
  16. yeh i hate it when i break stuff that costs loads or is a good one!!! and like u had it ages and now you cant find it to buy cus they are forever bringing out new ones... i suppose thats my little rant for today!!! I buy loads of stuff and a couple weeks later another make brings out a better version and cheaper!!! That annoys me!!!
  17. Your's is good Bugster, but the first lighting bolt looks kinda....round :S but otherwise id say a..... 9.655/10 BTW Guys im working on a new one (sig that is) so say whats good about my current one please...not detailed like but somit that stands out
  18. Ummm.... False IDGASTBH work that out TPBM knows what i mean by; IDGASTBH?
  19. This has got to be the stupidest ever and it has to be me asking it, however.... How do you use this render??? I click on it and choose my settings and nothing shows up??? Any help???
  20. I did this ages ago...but forgot to show you all... :oops: oh well heres my attempt....(check out my DeviantArt and PB:P)
  21. ummm "Okay"? Money or Babes? Think about it...money can get you hot women
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