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  1. From seeing Salu's last post...it gave me inspiration...and i came up with a simliar result and added some other stuff of my own...dont look as good as yours though Salu
  2. Thanks for replying Darkshock91... yeh becuase then we could have some really good brushes and therefore create amazing pictures!!! Couldnt someone like decode it and whatever you do to create plugins now and then just change some settings for paint.net and then save it like that?
  3. Please dont close this unless a suitable answer is given (and not "No. Closed" or somit like that) Anyway on to my question, when custom brushes appears in Paint.NET 4.0...will we...or anyone be able to convert PS Brushes...or use them in Paint.NET??? like just stick them in "Brushes" folder (or whatever it will be called) and then it will recognise the file format or will it have to be a certain...custom Paint.NET file that can only be used on Paint.net.... basically will we be able to use or convert custom PS brushes so that we can use them on Paint.NET??? Cause that will be really cool! Thanks EDIT: Made spelling corrections lol stupid laptop keyboard!!!
  4. WOW...thats....um...AMAZING!!! When will PDN have brushes like that???...i really like it ... nice one
  5. Created myself a new avatar Xbox 360 themed as you can tell lol hope you like it!
  6. I didnt like my old one...good job it wasnt my final..any here is the real final... enjoy.... My Entry!
  7. Ughhh im in the middle...sappy (Happy+Sad) Because my xbox wont connect to xbox live....i wanted play on COD 4 oh well.... TPBM Likes; :RotateCCW: or :RotateCW:
  8. I thought i may aswel enter...even if mines bloody potato here it is... [image Removed]
  9. PS is Photoshop..im sure you know what photoshop is,(if not its a photo editing software thats costs money from Adobe) anyway heres a link to Digimods.com tutorials i can follow them, but it takes a while to realise what tool to use instead of the photoshop tools that paint.net is missing! Enjoy
  10. Un i cant remeber that....ill try and think back and ill edit this post...but no i cant remeber that....(so far) But did you see it when that guy got chopped in half by the wire that came flying at him??? lol
  11. erm cry :S Cheese or Carrot man this thread is gettin weird "this or thats"
  12. LOOL I havnt put it on...you see im just standard user :evil: :x and what ever the administrator installs i get....and if i try to delete the shortcut i have to have permission....yes it sucks...BAD!!! But i will be getting myself a comp soon....when i get a job lol
  13. ooooh tricky one... erm has to be This (no reson why but hey) "Yes/No" OR "Yay/Nay"?
  14. Heres mine on my Dads Laptop Oh yeh and im a big 360 an Halo fan!!! As you can tell
  15. Hmmm what you trying to hide??? Right about here ^
  16. chocolate mmmm:P Errrr...... or Ummmm....
  17. Mines changed and i already rated bugsters but what the heck 8.95/10 - the lightening is kinda...fake...i know it isnt real lightening in the first place but it looks 'round' but i love how its made in PDN
  18. Well my parents are going to see that 2nite so i would suggest going see it too! I see you have an xbox 360 then...good choice my friend
  19. Does it mean no more for the month or does it mean if we delete some attachments from really old posts we can get some more uploads?
  20. Watched Die Hard With A Vengence and Exorcist last night lol 2 movies in one night cant be bad....anyway Die Hard With A Vengance(Spelling on last word) lol - Great Film like all die Hard's...great action....Bruce willis is a great actor lol he always in impossible situations that no one could get out of but you know its a friggin film so hes bound to... Exorcist - Weird, but good...thats all i can say
  21. Disturbed - Down with the sickness! Awesome song goes well with some Gears of War Montage!!! Oh yeh im a 360 fan!!!
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