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  1. Why dont you google image newspaper and see what comes up...then edit it??? E.G: Then edit that???
  2. New Sig...need you all to think of a name for it!!! something diff than Sig - Glowing Lines ect!!! Rate away guys!
  3. nice! could you maybe tell me how u made the commo pattern? OMG How in the world did you make that??? Thats sooo good! Need a tut for that....well all of the techniques you did!!!
  4. It looks bad with a green master chief head..=\ Anyway, yours: It's nice, 360 FTW (Clicky) 9/10....Oh do you play Halo 3? I could play with you today. Yeh im on 2nite at about 9.30 to 10....add me JS92! And the link doesnt work!
  5. I swear i have posted in here yesterday...but i cant find my post....anyway Nice sig....very photoshoppy like....could use a focus colour like the colour of mater chief! dont make him black and white and see how that looks! But 7.5/10 extra 2 for any colour
  6. or like a ruler or something...i know what you want....but i dont think that would be possible....because all plugins have been made to draw something or render....this is an interactive tool! Maybe Paint.NET v.4.0+ (onwards) may have it in! who knows but this is a good request...some genius will need to work hard on this!
  7. ye whers the psp?? anyway the ps3 will rise above them all and ive finaly got mine to work properly lol after getting 3 new ones still it has some amazing games! LOL You have had 3 different PS3's? Thats just as bad....if even worse than the 360!!! Mine has lasted me a whole year now...no probs at all! If someone is unfortuante to get a prob...its either fixed or replaced...and the owner will then hardly have any problems after that!!! Anyway the PSP isnt on there because it was a complete failure!!! Even the DS out did the PSP...basically the PSP was an incar entertainment console...out of the car...its nothing! Now the DS is inside and outside car entertainment....
  8. 360 - I have grown acustom to it now!!! on 2nite...bit of call of duty 4!! wooo Yeh 360 rules...big time! And next i would say PC...because of Crysis!
  9. New sig...but dont know whether to use it or not http://porsche103.deviantart.com/art/Vi ... n-76393276
  10. How in the world did you do that....we need a fractal tutorials thread TBH! Because i need some help with it!!! Seriously! anyways nice work!
  11. Um Gears of war yeh! Crackdown...maybe not...no one really plays that anymore! Sorry And yeh Halo 3 aswel nice! Zero Velocity site is soooo nice.....i want to make a site that looks like that is that what you call a "Web 2.0"?
  12. Erm from 110mb.com....you just sign up and then upload your website that u have created using programs like dreamweaver and frontpage....ect....i can only think of those two website editors/creators
  13. Right i have recently setup this site http://www.js92.110mb.com and basically its a photo editing site...it will include tuts and fractals page....it also has a forum which i am currently working on! So i need a few things of you guys: 1) For the tuts page can i post the tuts you lot have wrote? And can i have permission of you? (if i dont ask and someone thinks im taking credit then a hustle and a bustle is bound to happen...i will give full credits to the author unless its mine 2) I need you lot to give some feed back in this topic about my site...any suggestions about updating....chaning something...adding anything....its up to u to add to the site... 3) I need someone with some HTML and CSS knowledge to help me along...again i will give credit to the user that wants to help me....basically i just need to add some stuff and CSS aint my thing....HTML is new to me too but thats fairly easy...so will you please? erm thats it i think.... thanks guys Damn i just read the announcement at the top! ohh sorry but is there any where else to post for some help?
  14. EDIT: im out...i aint got Halo 3 at mo...round mates house...we traded about two days ago and i got stanglehold and some others....sorry!
  15. or an even smaller George Foreman Grill lol someone has actually made one!!! They put the PS3 to better use! Nice one :wink:
  16. News just in!!! I have broke my DS! Yes thats right i own a DS lol its a white DS Lite and yep its broke... how? well clumbsy me stould up to take my bowl out and...well im half a sleep... and didnt notice i still had my headphones on...so i walk of and snag...the headphones yanked my head back and i dropped my BOWL yes bowl...and it landed on my DS which was currently on the side and my bowl went flying over to it and crashh....as i looked in horror at my defenseless little Lite...the first thought that came into my head was...oh snap...its out of warranty! and yep the screen is all smashed...and i have photos aswel! lucky you lot lol here they are.... Arrrggghhh and DS Lites are little demons to get a hold of....they all out of stock!
  17. Yup ive had the red ring o' death...and it hasnt bothered me or changed my views on the 360...as it was a minor red ring of death...it was the HDD that was the probs...luckily i didnt get very far on any of my games ...and they sent me a free one and i still got my old one...was thinking about having it as a back PC HDD but then i found out its a laptop HDD NVM though... going on 2nite...BTW bit o' COD 4 oh yeh 8)
  18. me too but they are expensive and the ones that aint...generally are naff...but Wacom seems to be the most popular make!
  19. Well i got Apophysis and i didnt like it so i downloaded Chaoscope and i love it...so much easier to use...i got confused with Apophysis...and the name LOL :o cant say it! anyways i have created my first fractal and its currently on my DeviantArt page the link is in my Sig | V
  20. LOL Hyperboles are gross exageration...oh yes i listen in english 8) And also PS3 Controllers dont have rumble....cus they stuck to the crappy PS2 design and also six axis dont work properly!
  21. ..........nah Cant see that happening not for me anyway...in about 30 mins im off to play Call of Duty 4 on my XBOX 360...anyone want to join me feel free... GT: JS92 ...oh yeh and the controllers are perfect size, even for my 4 year old sis....and the reason they have a big box on the back(it aint that big...why use hyperboles?) is the battery and thats why the battery pack lasts 25hours of play and takes 2 hours to charge! perfection! LOL Can you spell right right? please kinda contradicted yourself there
  22. in about 10 mins i am going to download a fractal creation software...first reply is the software im going for...which one? (sorry about this guys but each program gets good points) Im not thinkin well today...i cant explain anythin anyway...race!
  23. Which one creates better fractals? And which one allows you to edit the fractal the most?
  24. Which Fractal rendering program is the best or creates the best pics? Thanks. I really want to make some fractals
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