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  1. No it wouldn't. Humans are impervious to fire.

    I got pushed into the gator exhibit at the zoo when I was 6. Haha, that could have ended VERY badly.

    Dragons breathe fire. Alligators do not. I see no connection here.

    If you're trying to be funny, you're not.




    Was I laughing at what he said? No. Was I trying to be funny? No. Was I telling a REAL story of what has happened to me as a kid that I find funny because I experienced it? Yes. Quit making no sense.

    E: If you check the page before this, we were talking about crazy stuff we've done and gotten hurt. Maybe read up a bit before blindly quoting and posting.

  2. Ah c'mon. I made this up. :evil: Except for the relief part, but I did that originally.

    Are you really whining about this? If you made it up, then you should have posted a tutorial. Been less selfish. :?

    Great work chad. Very realistic texture.

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