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  1. So just because I don't post on this forum about pdn, means I spam? I originally liked you mike, but now you are turning into the person I never thought you would be. What has ANY of my posts done to hurt this forum? Sure, I probably don't contribute a lot, but I still vote for the contests and supply feedback to other artists (which is more than most people here do). Me and blooper are a lot alike.. very blunt and we don't hold the truth back. We also have the same views on a lot of stuff, including how logos shouldn't be made in pdn. You're just like pyro.. you don't understand what I meant, so you flame me with huge walls of text. Its not like I go into the GD&Q section and chit chat with other members. At least I keep it in the off topic thread, in which I think its appropriate to be "off topic".. ;)

    edit: nevermind. I'll remove this line..

  2. What is? I just explained what you all were whining about..

    I sure hope the yankees lose... would make tomorrow's PhillieD show hilarious.

    oh yeah, and bye. All I do is spam, so I'll just stop posting. You all know my dA if you need me, but don't bother trying to reach me on here.

  3. Because from what I remember, A) Gamerworld doesn't have illy and B) Making stuff in pdn and trying to make it 10 feet tall isn't going to work out. I never try to seem more knowledgeable, but he may have not read that. Maybe he did and I'm wrong. You are in no need to try to point out all the things you think are wrong with my posts in every thread you go in. You, Simon, and Pyro.. :|

    Honestly, I was going to actually offer to quickly redo it for him in illustrator and send him the file in case he is in risk of not getting the money. Ya know, its a kind jester mike. Whats not kind, is you insulting me and blooper's posts when the only time you EVER post is to point out other people's errors.

    You do understand .EPS isn't a file recognized by most image uploaders. They might require you to submit a .png to view, then a .EPS incase you win. Oh yeah, you are always right, Mike, nevermind.

  4. Its great, though I sure hope you don't make your logos in Pdn..

    Why is that? Is Paint.NET not good enough for you?

    I sure hope you are joking..

    PDN is an amazing program, but not for logo work. If you honestly think that you should sell logos made in paint.net then lol. Its a raster program.. logos should ALWAYS be made in illustrator, or another vector-based program. Some companies want to put their logos on billboards, so you want it to be all pixely?!?!

  5. Of course the modded version's MP is messed up. You realize that IW will NOT fix any problems in the MP until they hear the feedback from the REAL customers. I know, though, my friend has it on his box and he says it is flat out AMAZING. Of course there are going to be trolls trying to make people mad.

  6. So just because I didn't think that was funny, I don't have a sense of humor. Then Blooper must not have a sense of humor either. Also, if I'm such a jerk, then why are you the only person telling me so. You tried pointing out errors in my post just because I kept the whole broad discussion going, rather than the dumb topic of being caught on fire or whatever. You don't see me going around posting hate posts toward you because guess what.. I read whats going on in the thread before trying to contribute. Isn't this the off topic?! Why do I have to be good at making transitions in this thread.

    All of this because you wouldn't let me think flip wasn't being funny. Lol, wow. I think I'm entitled to my own opinion, always.

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