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  1. I wasn't active on here when he passed. I did noticed that he did pass though. Can someone explain to me what happen. I'm sure he was a cool guy. :(

    He was a very active poster around here, and TF. He would help me out when I needed suggestions on stuff. He was a sig maker. Then one day, he just passed away.

  2. I think Sharp, Blooper, TopHATslash and Darkshock.

    But Doctor, sorry, but I've never heard of him before.

    Can we continue the battles. I'm entering too with my current sig. Let's do a 4-way. Me vs Axle vs Frontcannon vs Bjarni

    On a last note: Doctor was basically the pioneer of render based sig making in pdn. He was here way before you ever joined. He could produce some sick stuff with on effects, since this was before custom brushes/smudging/and a lot of stuff in PdN3. When I use to post on Gamerenders, he was there winning back to back sotw's.

  3. They do, if you know how to make them. There are a bunch of guidelines and techniques to them.. its amazing. You can't just paste a render onto a background and think its a sig. You have to get flow going, a nice depth, unique effects, etc. I'm not even very good at them compared to some of the guys on FringeFX and SigResource..

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