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  1. Sweet. I have an XSi, which sadly does not take video. If you do plan to use that to record whatever, make sure you set aperture to at least f/5.6 (with the current kit lens) so it doesn't suddenly become darker/lighter, and don't use autofocus! It's really loud.

    Gene, I know what I'm doing with it :P I just don't have a tripod yet and I was just playing with some of the neat features.

  2. Rotate/Zoom is getting the IndirectUI treatment for Paint.NET v4 ...


    And yes, the "roll ball 3D" control (which is using Direct2D!) will be available to IndirectUI-based effect plugins. As well as the ability to constrain the angle chooser control, because pyrochild kept pestering me about it. (in other words you can tell it to allow a range of values other than [-180, +180] or [0, +360]. for example, [-45, +45] or something)

    MCLOVIN! hahah

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