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  1. I'mma walk around my neighborhood next year in one of these:


    I'll be the one on the left, my 12 (will be 13 next holloween) year old brother will be the one on the right. We'll be ballin' down our neighborhood. Whoa, wait, next holloween I'll have my license. Oh, yes. Going to get a sick system in my car and blast some Daft Punk while wearing those costumes driving down a large fancy neighborhood. YUS.

  2. Meh, 2012 is just a Michael Bay movie with the little story his movies have, gone. The only reason I'd see that avatar movie is because a friend of mine, =JoeJesus is doing the space art for all the scenes with planets/stars/etc. TMWSAG looks flat out amazing. Also, I'm excited for Iron man 2. Though if I could only see one movie for the next 14 months, I'd see Tron. Kthx

  3. My roommate and his girlfriend are cuddling on the couch, all kissy and lovey-dovey.

    My girlfriend is 2,300 miles away, and I haven't seen her for over a month. I miss her like nothing else I've experienced before, and I will ask her to marry me in the near future. But the two of them...my roommate and his girlfriend...well, I'm happy for them and all, but talk about making me feel really, really Natalie-sick.

    All right. Pity party's over. Back to work.

    On behalf of the community, we approve.

  4. In an interview of FourZeroTwo, he specifically stated that they are trying to keep the game as un-bias as possible. I mean come on, the game portrays the whole middle east as a bunch of bad guys and Britain/America as the good guys. The first MW only let you play as these "good guys". Months ago they said they were going to incorporate some sort of feature/gametype that puts you on the opposite sideline. If they think the opposite sideline is the radical islams, then okay, let it be. I don't understand why you would complain about this, when I guarantee it won't be mandatory. Just like the Airplane rescue mission after the credits in the previous game. Just one of those bonuses.

    It won't be as bad as some of the games like GTA or SR. So don't complain, its just a little add-on. Nothing to make anyone cancel their pre-order.

    ..btw, if someone were to get upset about it because they lost someone in 9/11.. then wow. That was a plane hijacking, this is more of the bank robbery style where you have a bunch of citizens under your control. Nothing near as bad as suiciding into a building..

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