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  1. @MadJik: I did use shape 3D for the orb. @Blooper: Where's this at (round boxy thing). And for the back ground i forgot something. but i take it your fav. color is blue when mine is blood red lol. If you ever seen the heart wood of a Oklahoma red cedar tree the background is that color.
  2. to the AA i was thinking same thing the blood red won't show up as good agaist that redish brown background i've seen another magnifying glass in here but it was used on the paint.net page
  3. nice OS page dewd something about this just don't seem right
  4. @MadJik: give you a 10 it wasn't flatten just squshed lol i used the shift in resize and it didn't work
  5. tryed something differnt think i like the bottom one better after i streched it
  6. i like my chrome it's unique it's not like everbody elses
  7. The out side look's like raw tiger eye more nown as a gem stone. [Edit]: figured i put this here too
  8. not bad vern here's a sig im working on just now i have to shrink it [Edit]: here's the small one.
  9. *gasp* Kidding, kidding. I'm still 17, doesn't change until next May. wish i still was but oh well still having fun in my ripe age
  10. @verndewd: i used drakaan chrome caps style http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=20172&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=chrome+caps
  11. yea forgot to :AntiAliasingOn: the orange piece in the middle but i still like it
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