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  1. loved so much i had to do one this is the small one the other your'll find here since it looks better big My DeviantART Nebula
  2. don't know realy what to say on that face but give you a 7.8/10
  3. like the color of that top one give it a 9.5/10 bottom one 7.5/10
  4. i'll stick with ps2 if i've been around since the commador came out
  5. i made 2 finally usen this tut. i think this one looks older
  6. you didnt draw that, did you? edit: new av and sig leme no what you think, i like to keep them simple, yet sleek looking , used the matrix effect. made it with PdN usen some of the tuts from here and unfrezz
  7. @livewrong811... I think you need to relook at the size of my sig because the top one is 150 x 491
  8. @topezia.... Thank you about the sig i did it last year. Since all my work that i put up now is from a fresh start since i haven't been able to use paint or anything on this computer for 4 month's because of the OS took a big dump on it's self lol.
  9. @topezia... No didn't use rainbow effect started with fire then blended the layer's with a little zoom blur
  10. i think me and you both into that i just add more to mine
  11. think i got this about where i want but it's still work in progress
  12. was thinking making a new sig out of this but don't know yet
  13. i put most of my work on disk but what i was working on i lost my OS shut all the way down i had to go out and buy a new one it wasn't paint that did it it was my OS
  14. im back but now i have to redownload everything again my system crashed bad lost a lot of art work
  15. heres something i been working on for awhile i evan blew my mind when i did this
  16. i did use aa on this thats the funny thing about it but for the jaggys on the metal i like it that way means keep your hands away from sharp edges lol as soon as i figure on copy each level to my chrome i will sometimes i get it too work right sometimes i don't it's a freak of nature.
  17. @vern: your right the cd still needs some work but it looks good. here's a little something i was trying out. think this came out really good used Asmageddon Prince plug-in Strange Bulger Kaleidoscope to get the weave 100% Paint.NET
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