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  1. someting i was doing last night since my internet was down. still haven't figured out what im going to do with this.
  2. don't know about bad but tryed yes this thing took me 5 hours trying to find the colors for that top lol
  3. like how the wood grain turned out for the table top still got to work on the legs more.
  4. about 7 months now for me on paint.net just joined the forum later
  5. its the fill pattern thats y i was saying about redoing the door
  6. yes on the beams on the floor thinking redoing the door
  7. @oma: your glass work is awsome :shock: been working on this
  8. got bored so i made these won't take credit for the picture and brush. i just redid it is all
  9. those don't but this does Darkshock91 but this cool concept
  10. Im kind of stuck on this chrome now can't get it out of my head.
  11. i tryed blue on it didn't look right so i did something else
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