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  1. this was for a contest but it's to big to load to there site since it's 7 MB's
  2. like the pattern void heres something differnt little trick with the eye's
  3. unless your dimensions are to big it won't work 15) Signature size requirements: They must not be wider than 500px, nor taller than 150px
  4. seen one like this in gray scale i like how it was done so i made one in blood red scale
  5. @zookey: Thank you if you belive i got lapis out of these. [Edit]: @verndewd: Thank you
  6. Thanks verndewd.... here's something i been messing around with calling it lapis lazulite room the same stone that the walls of bablon was made out of.
  7. im still trying to figure out how i got the laser's to work
  8. that would take up 4 pages for one tut if i had to redo the color and all just going to be fun on how i did all of it and since i can't get a screen shot on curves+ and curves it would be real hard to explan which curve's to use.
  9. guess i could thank Ash for his branch tut for my handle
  10. well i can say my ribbons didn't turn out looks like i'll be working with it for awhile
  11. Yay! You deserve a glass orb! yea the under water cave is a perfect place for a void lol
  12. this was tricky getting the colors set right was thinking of Void when i did this one
  13. to get the metal look that i have put your anti-alis on 20 then over lap with same pic with out anti-alis then just mess with the curves but for my sig i also used polar invention [edit]: i used your way of black chrome
  14. i would do a tut if i could get my print thing to work on curves it wont show up all it shows is paint.net window when i hit print screen haven't figure out what's going on and i sure don't wont to spend 10 hours typing my god is out side and in my heart not in a building what you may see on devint is just art work to me no matter what it is.
  15. @ void: yea i know about moving the line didn't want to run it in fast mode lol @ vern: what is bad in your book because in mine its not good lol but i do know what sick is lol
  16. thank you was trying to figure out how to get it to go from side to side like the laser moving from one side to the other
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