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  1. i been working with twist+ and polar inversion and bulge like how this turned out and's it's 100% PdN i know there's some rough eages in it makes it look like silk bing twisted
  2. here's the one i did with the slit pupil
  3. ok it's all 100% PnD too my comp don't evan have MS paint in it virus took it lol
  4. well since i don't know what a silicon wafer is or look's like i don't know.
  5. it mostly was done with Ed Harvey's Solarize and the gradents same with this one i did the glass round the orb i tryed something differnt with it turned it into a glass ball
  6. Your the one that inspired me to do this one now i know what you go though holy cow. Still like yours better.
  7. i wasn't joking about the sleep when i start something i don't finsh with it till it's done it's just how i am.
  8. i call it Purple Orbs i like this a lot for 4 hours of messing with it.
  9. You do that while I destroy your hard disk and mess up your work nice one Blooper
  10. Entry: Everthing is 100% pdn. Task Bar: Icons: Scroll Bars: Botton: Windows: Wallpaper:
  11. @verndewd well i got one but if i could figure it out then i might put pics up till then don't bet on it if i could find the dealet account for deviant i would cancle my account there i'll just del with photobucket for know same with DR and SS
  12. Oh so true my friend so true keep up the good work. do you have a deviant art gallery? I'd like to add to my watch list if you do. off hand i don't have deviant art gallery
  13. We all have a warped sense of humor thats why we make some of the art we do.
  14. thank you oma i don't know why you want to giggle at this name
  15. 100 % pnd mantis... i was messing around with polar reflect and tile reflection with one of the eye's i made... know all i need is a 3d body lol
  16. Um...I used a mouse. Yeah, I need a tablet. that's good work even with a mouse
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