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  1. I used to crop & print pictures with Paint.net no problem. I have not used Paint.net for more than a year. I was surprised when I got the "wiaaut.dll" unavailable error message below. Searched the FAQ and received the 26 November 2009 post..."enable 'Desktop Expenience' post. Hey, I don't have a server or anything else just home computer running Windows XP. I do not know how to proceed and would appreciate some help. Thank you. --------------------------- Paint.NET --------------------------- The Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) library, "wiaaut.dll" is unavailable. Please read the Help file (Help menu -> Help Topics), in the Frequently Asked Questions topic, for troubleshooting information. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Posted 26 November 2009 - 04:33 AM Hi, I've seen no other programs require "Windows Image Acquisition" for printing but Paint.NET and I hope a future version might do without (unless you actually need to acquire images!). This however took me a little while to figure out so it might be worth adding to the FAQ: The Windows Image Acquisition Service is not installed by default on Server 2008 R2. You need to enable the "feature" named "Desktop Experience" for the service to appear. Kind Regards, Claus Andersen
  2. Is Paint.net the software I need to make Badge-A-Minit artwork for Photo Buttons? I have stumbled around with Paint.net just a tad. The artwork is three concentric circles with the photo in the center circle with four per 8.5X11 page. Text will be wrapped around the photo image. My 50th high school reunion is next September and I plan to buy the button machine and make 172 photo buttons. One of the commercial button makers requested the artwork in Adobe Illustrator 9. I need to resolve the artwork hurdle before I buy the machine. If not Paint.net what?
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