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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately the image must remain a Tif and not change it's size. I'm using to mask some areas of a video image and then importing it into a image processing software program. It needs to be the same size to map correctly into a image buffer or the software will error and not accept it. I will try manipulating it slightly to see if I can get the size I need. It will move in and out of Windows Paint without a problem....but I guess I don't have to explain here why I'm not using that program. Mark
  2. When I save an imported tif image that has a file size of 1375 KB the resulting saved file size is 1349 KB. Not much of a difference but the program that the image is then brought back into, requires it to be the exact same size. This is really killing me because is otherwise perfect for my needs. Anyone have any ideas? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks MB