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  1. Ok here goes nothing. And if it does post, nevermind the joke. Kind of an inside one...
  2. Thats the thing, it doesnt tell me anything. It wont let me even click the post button if its that particular image. Photobucket was the same way at first untill I flattened it, but like I said it wont let me post it from there either.
  3. Im having trouble posting my created image on Facebook. I did a quick search and other people said you have to "flatten" the file (which I did) and also save the file as a Jpeg or other supported file type (which I also did). It still wont let me post it on FB. I had enough trouble just getting it onto Photobucket, and when I did it wouldnt upload the pic to Facebook. Instead it just uploaded a link to photobucket and my comment. If anybody has had the same problem please help.
  4. Thanks again bro. Very helpful. I made the image with text and all, and its ready to go. But now it wont let me post on facebook for whatever reason. I was able to get it on photobucket, but even from there it wont post. I read a couple of other threads and they said to "flatten" and save it as a jpeg. I did both and it still wont post. Any idea what Im doing wrong?
  5. Ok cool. Now I got both pics in there. Can you help me out on how to put in some text captions at the bottom now? Again, it wont let me type anything. Also, after that is done how do I get rid of the remaining part of the image so that I can just keep the 2 pics + the caption?
  6. I know its probably the easiest thing that Im missing, but I cant figure out how to combine 2 pics side by side to make one file. I know it has something to do with layering, but when I try to move the first pic to the side it wont let me, so both pics overlap each other. Any help would be appreciated.