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  1. This problem happens regardless of quality setting, even at 100% in PDN it still causes this issue. It's due to Chroma Subsampling. Photoshot and Irfanview allow this to be disabled, PDN doesn't, I'd like the option to disable it. More info
  2. I realise PNG would get around this issue, but it still doesn't change the fact that another image viewer has options that fix this problem with JPEG's and doesn't
  3. When saving Jpegs with bright red in them somtimes this red colour becomes blurry. In Irfanview there is an option called disable color subsampling that resolves this issue? Would it be possible to have an option for this in, or perhaps have it enabled at higher quality settings? Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Original image. Saved at 90% in Irfanview with disable color subsampling checked Saved in at 90% (Note the quality of the red text is horrible) Here's a picture of the option in Irfanview.