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  1. Not in a million years can I spin a pen.
  2. Open WMM, click save to hard drive (or something like that). Choose "optimized for small window viewing" (or something like that), and save.
  3. I had a perfectly good avatar, and you ruined it's reputation waaaahhh.... It will now be forever known as "alien-head-on-fire" instead of "abstract-flame-thingy"
  4. That's what I meant when I said "maximum noise"
  5. Oh, but it is true, my friend! :?: How many times do I have to tell you! Look at my post above. French person+Area 51=Error F
  6. Ahhhh! You're making me have nightmares! ^^4/10, for giving me nightmares :twisted: ^^ Just Joking! 8/10!
  7. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: I love this job! 8)
  8. Sorry, but people living in, born in, or have family in a foreign country are not allowed to enter the Area 51 premesis. Read that in a magazine article.
  9. Dude, 3.05 left beta a long-ways ago. Now 3.07 is out of beta.
  10. Because your style in creating images, are similar to Madjik, an awesome forumer, who was online a couple of minutes ago. EDIT: It's a good thing!
  11. Who?me? yes you! You're the epitome of madjik-ness!
  12. This was to short to make a tutorial, and I'm not sure you could call this tye dye. 1.Maximum noise 2.Median Blur (Play with the values you can get a green granite-y countertop thing if you make it low. Do medium for this) Tell me if this is not tye-dye. I'm not sure :oops:
  13. Hey, now that I think about it, It does look Madjik-y! Wow I didn't notice that! :oops:
  14. Yay! Sometimes I want to hit my head against the wall. Thank you for making that not necessary =) Thanks!
  15. Thanks pyrochild and Yata. (sighs in relief) ^8/10 I love Shrek characters!
  16. This is the first avatar I ever made. 100% paint.net. It was pretty easy, though. I used dents on Madjik's high-tech wallpaper tutorial, messed with the layer properties, and added that neon-button border. EDIT: Is my sig too big? The rules say 500x150, which it is, but for some reason it looks larger than that...hmmm... :?: (sorry)
  17. Heh, some guy on ebay could sell the 1995 Windows95 for $120! (First post by the way :wink: I've been using Paint.NET since January, but I actually know how to use the search tool, so I didn't need to sign up until now) EDIT: Fixed Grammar mistake
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