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  1. I mean this is called "sig test", but all it says is "cheers". How 'bout you go to the off topic thread? :wink:
  2. Ummm...okay. How many seconds 'til this get's locked?
  3. Do you people like my current avatar, or this one:
  4. ... That comfirms it im changing it lol, 8.2/10, I'm confused, BETA? If you noticed one of my previous posts, I'm still deciding on a sig. If one of my sigs has a beta sticker it means, I am still testing it out, and it isn't permenant :wink:
  5. a. grammatical error alert! You forgot the ? b. Yes I feel completely renewed !Who wants to learn how?* *terms and conditions apply. In order to recieve this information you must pay 19.95 plus shipping and handling, and give me the right to send you eons of spam.
  6. Gak! The current one needs feathering (5/10), but your prototype=awesome!(10/10)
  7. I'm afraid you are breaking the rules. The maximum widthof an avatar is 100 pix, not 101 pix.I'm afraid you're under arrest
  8. You don't understand. Trickman used to be one of the most common forumers here (over 1100 posts). And I haven't seen Trickman since last year! Yes, I do understand. I was browsing the forums when he was still there. On another forums, there was this guy named Tode788, who took a break for three years, but he came back, a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Lol, I really, did it with only my fingers! Right Hand: Thumb:Del Index: Middle:F7 Ring: Pinky: Left Hand: thumb: index:ctrl, win, alt, z middle:shift ring:tab pinky:esc
  10. 1.Brightness/Contrast 2.Shadow Effect 3.Rotate+Zoom Sorry for the brief response, it's late here :wink:
  11. Problem solved :wink: . Go to the forum.
  12. You are the most awesome-est, coolest, greatest, awesome-est, generous, wonderfulest, awesome-est person there is! :shock: :shock: :shock: Forget Buzzkill, CMD, and Yata (no offence), but you are downright amazing! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  13. Oh well. Even if it did take me 95 steps, and 3 months, nad was probably one of the most aweeesssommme sigs ever... Wait! I've got an idea! What if I took a screenshot of the "open recent" menu", and crop out the avatar? True it'll be 58x50 by then, but it least it's there
  14. http://h1.ripway.com/ncfan51/siggy275.png
  15. I saved as "sig", and on the file extension box it said "All files". The file is still in my picture folder.
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