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  1. I am pretty new to PDN, and i figured i would post some of my images and see how you like them... I do a lot of requests for friends.. so a lot of my work can be seen on other sites(at least they say they use the siggys and avvys ive sent them o_0) and ya... and yes i tend to use renders in a number of them... My recent "creations" a sig for a friend(who likes fire emblem believe it or not!) used renders(although i wish i could say i made the whole thing 100% :shock: ) Note: i may also use one similar to this if not this one... i like Fire Emblem as well, and it turned out OK... anothe
  2. Hey! Nice work ... I must say you get better and better every time... which is a good thing =D
  3. lol, id better get an A+ or ill do that to myself... lolz.. but heres a few of my results... ive toyed around with a number of different things.. as you can see (sorry, they are a little big... ill fix that when i get home) this one was just for fun really... put a fire background behind it(obviously) this was my first attempt to make a "firey" eye, i left some white though so it got messed up... (pac-man eye) finally i got it too work, and it looked pretty good.... and then the one i like the most... and the one that will probably be used for my homework.. So what do you guys t
  4. Awesome tut! ill post my results later, have to go... This even helped with a homework assignment =D ~~Dr. K
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