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  1. I am pretty new to PDN, and i figured i would post some of my images and see how you like them... I do a lot of requests for friends.. so a lot of my work can be seen on other sites(at least they say they use the siggys and avvys ive sent them o_0) and ya... and yes i tend to use renders in a number of them... My recent "creations" a sig for a friend(who likes fire emblem believe it or not!) used renders(although i wish i could say i made the whole thing 100% :shock: ) Note: i may also use one similar to this if not this one... i like Fire Emblem as well, and it turned out OK... another old siggy that i finally came across... i gotta sort those folders eventually... :? Coming soon/In progress a REAL siggy and REAL avvy for myself... i just gotta decide what to do...
  2. Hey! Nice work ... I must say you get better and better every time... which is a good thing =D
  3. lol, id better get an A+ or ill do that to myself... lolz.. but heres a few of my results... ive toyed around with a number of different things.. as you can see (sorry, they are a little big... ill fix that when i get home) this one was just for fun really... put a fire background behind it(obviously) this was my first attempt to make a "firey" eye, i left some white though so it got messed up... (pac-man eye) finally i got it too work, and it looked pretty good.... and then the one i like the most... and the one that will probably be used for my homework.. So what do you guys think??
  4. Awesome tut! ill post my results later, have to go... This even helped with a homework assignment =D ~~Dr. K
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