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  1. I quite like my legs as they are actually... Your sig is too big ~BoltBait
  2. Don't put 'im down. Mate do what you think's best
  3. Just to follow up on what masterchief said, this truly is an awsome program and I love it (In my opinion, well for 95% of stuff, it kicks PS into the ground, I mean you could edit and make an entire story board before PS has even strated up, big pat on the back Rick)
  4. Not to worry, I managed to sort it Thanks MadJik for the reply anyway
  5. I get this error at the bottom of the window, next to the OK button: "Error at line 0: Metadata file 'C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\PdnLib.dll' could not be found (CS0006)" Is it just me that has this error? Thanks
  6. "Invalid Session. Please resubmit the form." when I try to submit a reply to a thread, sometimes its fine and others I can't at all? Hmmm.....
  7. Heres my attempt Don't be too harsh lol (Sorry if its a little large, Im a noob you see)
  8. Bootcamp'll only work on an Intel Mac, what were you thinking of getting anyway? : ) (Hope that helped)
  9. I prefer the first one aswell if you want my opinion : )