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  1. so i returned from my grandparents, i can hardly move my fingers, thats how much i ate. so i would love to post my pictures. but acctually i dont know how. im really sorry that ill post that here because i know how many people post simple questions like "man how can i start paint.net?". stupid questions like that you know... how can i post pictures i this forum im ashamed of my self, believe me.
  2. good morning. i just wanted to say thanks for developing paint.net, and this great forum. im from germany and recently applied to an art university in the netherlands. they dont take everyone so ihad to make a homework and show them to the teachers. i realy suck with pen&paper, so i looked into the newest PC Praxis(german pc magazine) and they showed your program. i installed it and was stoked man. great great work. so we had to create a story with cellphones in it. i shot some pictures of me and then started to work it out with paint.net. the university took me because of the pictures. im sure. we had to make an ?intake test? inside the university and draw something in like 6 hours. i completely sucked with that. anyways they send me a letter yesterday wich said that im now allowed to study there. so all in one whoever created this program not just created a real good one he also got me a seat in a famous art academy. thx to you all and thx to all the guys who wrote the tutourials. ill post my pictures later today, but as you all knoe its eastern and i have to visit my grandma and eat till i explode. thanks again and enjoy your day
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