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  1. Thanks. Just wanted to check it out. Feel free to lock me. That's all I needed to know.
  2. Hey, sorry guys, but I've been in a cave for a few months. This is my first post in a while. I'm sorry if this has been asked a ton of times recently, and I searched the forums for this question. Forgive me if it's been asked like a million times. Can we please get a magic lasso tool? It's really what I need for some of those projects where magic wand just doesn't do the job. If not intergraded in v3.0, could there at least be a plugin for it? Thanks, just wondering. Andy
  3. Okay, so stay on subject, I have a reguest for help. I think this was a tutorial, but it didn't work the way I wanted it to. Does anyone know how to make an image look like a pencil sketch? I am using it for a project.
  4. The website that she is talking about is a website about parrots. And her name is Parot Lady. What do you mean, "what do parrots have to do with this?" They have everything to do with this!
  5. What, what? What what what? (Okay, now we are getting off-topic. (I am too!))
  6. Wow, I'm really excited that soon (well, maybe a few weeks or months) we will get a new Paint.Net that is significantly different then the last one, with not just tiny updates, but a who lot of big ones. I also have a feeling in my gut that the moment it comes out, the Bugs and Troubleshooting message board will be booming with bugs, to be fixed as the progress continues. Once again, thanks, Rick, for this great program that allows me to do so many things!
  7. And sorry, this is a really stupid post. I should just delete it and read the F1 instructions!
  8. Okay, I know the tolerance tool affects these: The Magic Wand The Paint Bucket And that's about it. Does it do anything else? (I am discovering new things with Paint.Net every day! Just when you think you know it all......)
  9. Shift and Paint Bucket actually do something? Wow, that's new to me.
  10. I'm really sorry if this have been mentioned before, but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure if this is actaully ment to be there, for some reason I don't understand. Well, the bug is that sometimes, for some reason, even though the primary color is set to, let's say, blue, and the secondary is white, if I left-click to draw, it should draw with the primary color, blue, because left-click is the primary color, and right click is the secondary. But left clicking will draw white, and right would draw blue. For me, I'm not noticing a pattern in when or why this happens, it just does. And ideas? I think it's some feature I'm just not understanding. Edit: I'm useing version 2.70.
  11. Yeah, I've always noticed many tiny errors with the typing tool. It reminds me of when you sometimes have to type in a flash video, if you know what I mean.
  12. Okay, I know that this is off-topic, but I think it's a funny picture and that I should share it. It's in the picorium, but here it is again. It actually made me laugh, even though I made it. Sorry for the off topicness. For more information about the picture, it's on page 45 of the pictorium, where I explained a little more. (It's not that it's a great picture, it's that I think it's funny. And also, I'm being too enthusiastic, so please forgive me.)
  13. Okay, here is something that actuall made me laugh, even though it's my own creation. I hope you know that the gun is the Needler from Halo, I REALLY hope that you know that the yellow dude is the AOL guy, and I guess you know that the Butterfly is the MSN butterfly.
  14. Here's another one. The sun looks really fake, I'll have to read a tutorial on that. Also, the shadows were a challenge, because I'm usually no good at this stuff. Come to think of it, this picture is mostly useless.
  15. Wow. Now I want to make some more. This is fun! (Have you ever noticed that Rick never posts any of his pictures, using his -and his team's- own creation? Maybe we can get him to make something! I'll PM him.)
  16. Wow, Artist+Paint.Net= amazing works of art! I am not an artist, so most of Paint.Net's amazing features are wasted on me.
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