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  1. Ok Emeror Ikinboy ... but where is the link to your artwork ? :wink:
  2. :wink: Here is a new pic ! Made with a sound wave " spectrum " . It's called : Invisible wav stell'art ship . :wink: I really have fun with Paint.Net and i really enjoy to play with this marvellous toy !
  3. Yes it's right ! Or start > run > charmap ... and you can get " private characters " if you do that : start > run > eudcedit eudcedit is the character editor from windows /system32 but certainly you already know that .... :wink:
  4. :wink: Hi! I don't if i can put this link here( :? moderate me if no :? ) ... but you can use this freeware . http://www.lunerouge.org/spip/article.php3?id_article=688 It runs too with XP .
  5. :shock: Hum , do you think it's really that ? I've just two or three , perhaps four, plugins that work wrong .The others seem to work fine like toon and drop shadow plugins . I think this is more my settings to make correctly when i use a plugin than my antivirus . In any case , i've installed on my pc , Panda Titanium 2006 +antispyware+firewall , also installed spywareblaster and i launch spybot and adaware everyday .
  6. :wink: Ok ! Illnad1024 ! So i must await that Rick include this plugin into the next version too ! :wink:
  7. :? :shock: Did i say something wrong ? or rude ? i hope not . :? Translate is too difficult to me ! :wink:
  8. :wink: Thanks Illnab1024 ! I think that the texture of the planet at right seems to be real but i don't know how to do with the planet at left , it doesn't seem to be spheric .. :wink:
  9. :? One more time i've downloaded this plugin (the last version) , dezipped it into my Pdn effects folder and one more time it doesn't work .Everytime i open Pdn and try to do something the interface "goes frozen" and i must to close Pdn (with difficult and the usual error message ) When i take off the dll from the effects folder Pdn works fine again ! :? I know that i'm a "newbie" but i don't see where i have made the mistake ...( this time ) :? Please can you explain me or help me ? No response on the troubleshooting forum . :wink:
  10. :wink: Thanks Leif ! I tried to recreate a laser that comes from behind the watcher and goes a long way ahead .
  11. :wink: Hello there ! Just a little thing i present you ! Please ell me what you think about it ! What do i do ? Stop or continue with Paint.net ? Thanks ! :wink:
  12. :wink: Ok Bob ! Thanks ! Yes i have always this problem: when i try to use the plugins effects from the forum , they don't work and they "" freeze "" Pdn... Hope you'll understand me . :? Gradients effects don't work and rectangular to polar too... I'm lucky that Rick has included some of them into the 2.70 version . Hope this will continue.... In few days i think i'm going to dare to put some "works" of mine on the Pictorium forum .......
  13. :wink: Thanks Rick and thanks Bob ! :x But there's again something that goes wrong ... This plugin : http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1849 , for example , has crashed several times Pdn . I'm going to try with an another plugin ... Rick ? Please ? Can i delete the folder named Pdn setup into c:/ Documents and settings / my name / Local settings / Temp / ? Thanks to you .
  14. :wink: Rick ? Bob ? and all of you guys who have tried to help me .. I want to tell you that i have installed 2.70 successfully ... Now i must wait for some days to see if it runs correctly ... ( i'm going to explain you with my bad english ) :oops: The first time i have seen this post http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=243&highlight=spooky i was so in a hurry to repair Pdn that i don't have seen there was two pages , so i don't have seen the solution of Huyaowen : ( remove "all users : no name with windows install clean up ) It seems that it works now Ok you can kick me ! What can i do now , to translate 2.70 into French ? I don't know if the older french translation pack works yet ? Thanks again for all of you ! :wink:
  15. Well i know that ! Rick ! and i try to do that with the more attention i can ! Yes Rick i tried all the troubleshooting steps.. Why Windows tell me that version 2.64 is still installed ? There's no Paint.NET entry into add/remove and windows install clean up doesn't see anything about Paint.Net . Can't understand ! :shock: Thanks to you :wink:
  16. :wink: Hi !! c:/windows/installer was into the hidden folders ... I've just found it . Into this installer folder there's an another folder with a number like this : {xxxxxxxxxxxx} and into this one , there's again an another folder with a number like this : _xxxxxxxxxxxxx.exe (weight= 101 ko ) When i click this one a window command( cmd) runs and stops at once and there's no result... The picture with this folder seems to be the Paint.Net logo( a blue sky with a paintbrush ) . Can you tell me if it's really a Paint.Net folder ? and can i do something with this folder ? .... like to delete registry entries about this folder with regedit and then install the new version 2.70 . Hope you understand me :? Thanks !
  17. Hi there ! I'm very sorry that there's nothing to help us : "the scatterbrains" ... Rovshand ? i'm in the same situation like you. And i think there's no solution for us ..or just this one Format C: I tried to install 2.70 but same thing ; setup doesn't start and Pc slow down ! When i go to the temp files to search pdn setup , the setup into it start but stop and tells me that my processor doesn't support this sort of package More and more problems ! I can't understand because there's just with this install that i have problems and my pc , with all the sofwares in it , works fine I hope that Vista will help us .. Saint Vista ! Pray for us !!
  18. :? I'm sorry Rick . I've already seen this post ..No problems to install/uninstall other things ..And Windows install Clean up doesn't help me because i don't see the older version to remove it ( no Paint.net "position" ) What is this Msi Zap ? Where can i found it ? Thanks to take time to help me Rick !
  19. Nothing nothing always the same error : can't remove the Paint net older vesion 2.64...... Thanks to you Illnad 1024
  20. No solution found ? Please ? Can you help me ! I really need Paint.net ! Thanks to you !
  21. It says : To install this product use the setup wizard No no it's too much for me now i'm sorry there's no solution Perhaps with an old version ? I think that it could be a solution , no ? But there's no old version nowhere !
  22. :shock: It's going to be funny !! I'm sorry but it doesn't work ! I have the same error ! :shock:
  23. Le volume dans le lecteur C n'a pas de nom. Le num‚ro de s‚rie du volume est 5009-CC14 R‚pertoire de C:\Program Files\Paint.NET 16/07/2006 23:28 . 16/07/2006 23:28 .. 16/07/2006 23:28 Staging 0 fichier(s) 0 octets R‚pertoire de C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Staging 16/07/2006 23:28 . 16/07/2006 23:28 .. 16/07/2006 23:28 6ÿ297ÿ088 PaintDotNet_939505196.msi 1 fichier(s) 6ÿ297ÿ088 octets Total des fichiers list‚sÿ: 1 fichier(s) 6ÿ297ÿ088 octets 5 R‚p(s) 54ÿ699ÿ937ÿ792 octets libres Is this what you need ? One thing !!! I have the Framework 2 (x86) . Is this the version i need ?
  24. Well.... I'm just going to clean one more time my pc with regedit with Jv 16 power tools and manually removing the Paint.net folder into c:/ program files no entries into add/remove..etc.. I have used one more time the full install so Framework 2 is installed but at the end the Paint net install doesn't finish Always error 1603 ...can't remove the older version..ec.. But i have no older version installed on my pc :shock: :shock: And windows install clean up doesn't help me :shock: :shock: Illnab 1024 , the first time Paint.net worked fine , it was installed into c:/ Program files but now there's no folder there because i deleted it manually . Is this the error i made ? When Paint net began its install , i let it to choose its proper directory...
  25. :wink: Système d'exploitation Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack du système Service Pack 2 I Nom d'utilisateur Philippe Carte mère: Type de processeur AMD Athlon XP, 2000 MHz (7.5 x 267) 2400+ Nom de la carte mère Asus A7V8X (6 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DIMM) Chipset de la carte mère VIA VT8377 Apollo KT400 Mémoire système 1024 Mo (DDR SDRAM) Type de BIOS Award Modular (09/02/04) Moniteur: Carte vidéo Gigabyte RADEON 9200SE SERIES (128 Mo) Carte vidéo RADEON 9200 SERIES - Secondary (128 Mo) Accélérateur 3D ATI Radeon 9200 SE Moniteur LG F700B I want to tell that my Xp home edition is not a pirated version so i don't understand this problem . Must i uninstall again Net .Framework to réinstall it properly ? Thanks to you
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