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  1. :wink: Ehhhh ! Great ! Great ! It reminds of a cover picture album of JM Jarre : Equinoxe . Bravo ! J'adore !
  2. Ok French guys ! Say pop ups ! Yeah , that's right , Soundclick is ..ADS..a lot . But Windows updated , Firefox and Panda are my friends . Ok Madjik Thanks i'll go to see the Photobucket website
  3. :wink: As Jake2k , i didn't know where i wanted to go and i made this one . And now this is the cover picture of my new piece of music ! ... Out from the dark .. To Madjik : ;-) Now you can see the picture in its initial size ;-) Thank you to find some interest for my music . ;-)
  4. Thanks Madjik ! What is ADS a lot ? Can you speak ..French correctly please ? Well " too small " that's right and this is why i'm going to search a free picture website as our " pictorium " . Maybe Picasa web albums or something like that , i don't know about this . I already have an Imageshack free account but i don't like this website ... ;-)
  5. :wink: I use it now to make cover pictures for my music on my Soundclick website page . http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=321234 The first and second songs plus the picture with my face are made with Paint.NET The third song with Photoplus 6 ( free ) : cool soft but i prefere Pdn : easier to use The fourth song with Openoffice draw : too much complecated for me The seventh with Pixia but i don't like it The others pics with MsPaint Except the photos found on the net and used with links where to find them and owners' name In any case , now , i use exclusively Paint.NET . A great program ! :wink:
  6. :shock: :shock: Waouh !! Bravo !! Barkbark00 ! Very impressive !! I hope you'll post a tut for this ! I like it very much !! :wink:
  7. :wink: Yeahh ! Very interesting effect ! When will we be able to download the DLL ? Thanks Boltbait . :wink:
  8. :wink: Hello there ! I hope that this drawing is realistic ! ....and so i hope you're going to like it . http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/1043/withthesunlightshiningtpc8.png
  9. Thanks Hellfire010 but i would have preferred to hear this response from Rick himself ..... In any case , i think i'm going to make a donation because this is really a great program ; but first i must to open a paypal account.... :wink:
  10. I hope that i post at the right place and you will understand me . I hope the 3 version will come soon but is there a risk that one day Paint.Net lose his better feature ? a free program .
  11. this is why you are Rick Brewster and i'm just Tubular Tos In advance , thanks a lot for version 3.0 Out of subject I have found this link somewhere on the web I think that this video is very funny but I hope this is not disrespectful because i just can understand the word : Developers
  12. I have tried to rename the plugins like this : Newgradient and Oldgradient that doesn't work certainly this is more complicated ...So i'm going to wait for version 3 or an other version if you make one :wink: I'm already happy to have succeed to use again all the plugins in my Pdn so i can wait for a new plug now :wink:
  13. :? Well i'm going to try to explain with my limited English...when i use the new effect it's ok , the gradient effect appears so i " click" ok and then suddenly the old effect appears too and i can "click " ok or cancel.... Do you understand ? .. :?
  14. T2suggas wrote Same to me . How can i continue to use the old gradient effect ? I think it was not so bad . :?
  15. :wink: Hellfire 010 has wrote Hum very nice ! ... you should make a tutorial about this pic because if you try to put a soft blue color on it,this will seem to be the middle of an eye . (the iris of an eye) :wink:
  16. :wink: Thanks Rick ! I don't understand completely what you wrote (or just in essence : that's impossible ) but i'm glad to have asked everybody about this . So it was an interesting question :wink:
  17. :shock: You really do that ? I don't see me trying to create a new drawing with the notepad opened beside Paint.net But certainly , it's right thiis is the only solution :?
  18. :? Ok thanks Raven It's true ... i would have been to think about this :?
  19. hi ! Sorry , I have made no search before so i hope that this question is new in the forum . As you already know , i'm not a drawing specialist with Paintdotnet or an other drawing software. ;-) Just a little question about the projects saved as .pdn : so , when i open a project saved as .pdn everything is right , with layers for example , but the history restart to zero , no last effects are saved . Is that normal ? and does anything like that could it be integrated on the next versions ? Do you understand what i mean ? Thanks to comment . :wink:
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