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  1. Ohh ! i know that ; my wife is really angry when that happens !
  2. Hey ! Madjik ! You are as prolific in plugins as me in music ! Thanks !
  3. :? Ohh ! God ! I just try to follow you guys , but it's really hard to me ! I just can do this .
  4. :wink: MKT ? thanks for answering ! :wink: I hope you will make your plugin better . Madjik ? Thanks for your nice comments about .......my music Yeah ! my starfield is not really good ; of course this pic is just a try to show you what i wanted to do . I wanted to remake the famous Tubular Bell but i just can't blend the pipes .
  5. :wink: Hi from France ! I didn't post on the forum for a while but today i just can say that i'm really happy with this plugin . Thanks MKT ! Of course i've always followed Madjik with his great plugs ; and you all , other guys who take your free time to ameliorate Paint.NET . I know that i can't ask you for this here but how can i do to bend the cylinders made with the shape 3D . I've tried several plugs : quad reshape , tube oblique , rect to polar .. but no really success. Thanks to you ! Hope you'll understand me . Shape 3D , a really useful plugin for me :-) Click to see why ! http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/7830/tubularblueld7.jpg
  6. :wink: Hello Harvey ! I'm going to try to do that ... i'm French so.... You must to duplicate the pic you have and "put" the effect in the duplicated pic ( i want to say the pic down ...) Hope you'll understand me :wink:
  7. :? Sorry what is that "digg" or "dugg" .... ? Couldn't all of you speak French like all in the world ?
  8. :shock: Ohh my God ! Thank you very much Rick ! This is really great ! :wink:
  9. :wink: Madjik ? Can you send to me the old version ? This Panelling version doesn't work and that makes a crash in my PDN . I think that's because i have always the 2.72 . Thanks :wink: ... I prefer to wait for the 3 final version .
  10. Dear Friends !!! Have a Merry Christmas !!!! ....from France !!
  11. Of course i know that's not Paint .NET . It was just to tell something to introduce the video . :wink:
  12. Has he used Paint.Net ? http://gamaniak.com/gamaniak_video.swf?file=http%3A%2F%2Fgamaniak.mut1.e-m.fr%2Fvid%2Fextreme-photo-retouching.flv&autostart=true&showdigits=true&backcolor=0x515151&lightcolor=0xcccccc http://www.bressane.com/photography/index.php
  13. :shock: Hey! How did you make the "" effect waves "" ? :shock:
  14. Waouh!! Thanks a lot Madjik !!! Now it works ! I don't know why the reflection codelad script didn't work the last time because all the others .cs worked fine . Great !! Thanks again ! :wink:
  15. Madjik ? It doesn't work ! The .cs into the samples folder included in codelab zip work fine but not the code for reflections made by Boltbait . However i have followed the instructions but nothing happens...
  16. Humm! I would like to use this effect but i don't know how to use a codelab so i must to wait for the BolBait's dll
  17. Sorry , i wanted to say : i just attempted to make a kind of 3d effect with these pictures i have done above
  18. :wink: Well i just attempted to make a kind of 3d effect ! :wink:
  19. I really don't know ! ! No no ! Of course i know what it is ! You're in space into a spacecraft , you're flying very fast ! Into the " cockpit " you have two "" monitors "" ( i don't know if it 's the right word ) . And you can see your position compared to the Armada flying in front of you . Joke on : The first is through the "" windshield "" , a great invention of the French ingineers from Airbus ) The second , less beautiful has been invented by the US engineers from Boeing Hope you have a sense of ...French humour !! Joke off Here is the same pic with changes
  20. He he he ! I'm playing like a child ! There's some imperfections but i think it's funny . Isn't it ? :wink:
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