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  1. Slight problem with the control heights here: The only tab on the advanced dialog which does not have a similar problem is the smoothing tab. Excellent plugin though
  2. First of, I know most of these have been mentioned, but I will list my requests here anyway. Repetition is usually a good guide to who many wants a certain feature. [*:e1b44]Airbrush tool [*:e1b44]Tablet pressure sensitivity [*:e1b44]Customizable brushes
  3. Feathering or soft edges, whatever you want to call it. Anyway, something like a feather effect would be much appreciated. I haven't yet found a good and effective workaround.
  4. I am sorry, but I must be misunderstanding something, because it doesn't seem to work. What I have done to simulate feathering is the following: 1) Duplicate layer on background. 2) On the new layer: 3) Use rectancle select to select the center of the image (25 pixels or so to the edges) 4) Invert Selection 5) Using the Paintbrush tool to paint the selection with White. 6) Setting layer opacity to about 160. 7) Using Gaussian blur on 3. It works, but it lacks the gradience from obscure to crisp that feathers should have. Any ideas?
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