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  1. To clarify that, the installed app will automatically run the 64 bit version on a 64 bit system. No effort required on your part aside from having a 64 bit OS.
  2. I wasn't going to hold you to it or anything, was just hoping. And yes, I did notice the date. Ah well. But with it finally being a standard and getting further support, I'm sure things will happen sooner or later. I'm not in any particular rush. Have fun man
  3. I can't wait to see that if it's still in the plans My opinion is JpegXR isn't supported because it's not supported (and yes, I know that sounds corny.) There's little ecosystem buildup because noone is taking the first step (until now with IE9.) Kinda like the argument 'there're no 64 bit browsers because there're no 64 bit plugins' which wraps around to 'there're no 64 bit plugins because there're no 64 bit browsers' (except IE of course.) Note I'm not trying to complain (your work is far above my expectations and I should donate soon,) just commenting on how things seem to go in the tech industry.
  4. Oi and I thought I needed to chill out. I never said my book was authoritative. It's just the one located on top of my neck, ya know? Nevermind, I'm outta here.
  5. Indeed, I wasn't expecting it to be used now. I more was thinking you'd know what it could do for you by now. That's enough of a while for thinking about it in my book.
  6. So now that it's been out a while, what's the word?
  7. Paint Millenium Edition. Err, haha, sorry, not comparing your software to that, just jokin when I use google I just have to hit 'find websites that contain the term paint.net' after the initial search comes up... PaintFX sounds pretty decent. Putting a year on the end is just corny. ...hmm It's not like you have a lot of options that don't remind people of something else short of renaming the project, so paintFX may be the best I can think of too...interesting
  8. http://www.filehippo.com/download_paint.net/?576 My google-fu is superior
  9. I was wondering if that was true. I always thought it did, after looking at the spec, but it wasn't exactly the type of spec I'm used to reading.
  10. hmm I thought I posted this question earlier, but I can't find it... how come PNG doesnt get a compression slider like jpeg? I mean, thats been true in every program I've seen, so I'd think there would be a good reason, I just don't know it
  11. Yeah I can see that four versions would be a pain in the < no swearing >. I read that inline MMX is very difficult, but I know very little about SSE1/2/3 really. I can see your point, and I'd guess the managed code does translate for SSE2...but I wouldn't honestly know.
  12. as my mom keeps tellin me, 'it's nice to want'... I did the same kind of thing earlier, though. Not that I was demanding things, though, as like you said it's free stuff. It's a lot better than most free stuff I see, so it's all good.
  13. Sounds fun. *cough* Now I remember why I'm no programmer....don't have the patience for it huzzah for those who do!
  14. All the x64 game ports seem to load faster, though. I don't know what that's about. I used to have a theory, but it seems stupid now that I think about it. I assume what you speak of with the registers is only 'available' ones instead of stuff held by the OS...I'm not a programmer, just a techie, so not exactly clear on that sort of thing. I do know 32 bit has 8 and 64 has 16, but hard numbers don't mean anything if you don't actually know how they're used I do understand development in general though, and I would expect the gains won't be too visible until more of the Windows environment (MSXML, directx, and whatnot) itself is further optimized for 64 bit, since just about everything ties into certain tools.
  15. Out of curiousity, do you think it likely the entire OS is the same way, or is it simply that most (games, at least) apps ported don't need the extra capabilities at all?
  16. Rock on. My thanks to you and everyone else who is working/has worked on the project for the free stuff.
  17. Hey I'm not tryin to be a pain in the < no swearing >, I just am I don't mean to imply you have to do it, I was just hoping.
  18. I hope you'll change that in the installer, cause damn...all my .net apps seem a lot slicker with only 2.0
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