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  1. if you select a brush width you can just select an number, but I would like to see how big that really is. If you don't work often with paint.net you have to try a bit to find the right widh. It is really no problem, but it would be a nice feature and I request to put it on the to do list for paint.net 4.0.
  2. No, thsts not what I mean. I would like a button that activates/deactivates all of them with one button. But the keyboard shortcuts are nice also.
  3. If I want to select an area, specially on the edge of a picture you have this floating windows like Tools, Colors, History and Layers.You have to move them around or close them and afterwards make them visible agein. I would now suggest a button on the toolbar that could hide all this windows and clicking again on this button brings the windows up again. What do you think about it?
  4. Now that the dot.framework 3 is final my question is if paint.net will use this, and if it coult benefit from dot.net 3?
  5. The question is if there is something you can't use Paint 3 for. At least it is enough for me to do anything. I like to create new walpapers for example.
  6. i would like to have Icons to rotate pictures, because it is my most used feature. I test Paint.net 3 since 2 weeks, and I really have to say its great. Many thanks
  7. I wanted to ask if it would be possible that the paint.net installer checks for a new version before it installs paint.net.
  8. just take a picture with a human, use the colour picker and you have the colour you want.
  9. I would request to ad a list of shortcuts in the help file. I would find it helpfull if you could use the "+" button to zoom in and the "-" button to zoom out. I request an icon for auto level because I need it every time I edit the pics from my cam and it needs 3 clicks. Also icons to rotate in 90 degres would be fine (at least for me). I request to move the Sepia effect to move where it belongs, to the effects sektion
  10. Try layers-->adjustments-->auto level, that sets brightnes automatically, if you are not satisfyied, you can adjust it manually.
  11. Thanks. Maybe I'm dump, but I can't see a reason why one part is in the adjustmens menu and other in the effects menu. Sepia is in all paint programs I know in the effects section for examle, and I think black and white and invert colours would be fit best in the effects sections.
  12. I have a few easy feature request for the effects section: Monochrome (I would like to make a picture of flowers, all is monchrome and only one flower is in colour) To change the image in a negative (to revert the colours) What do you think?
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