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  1. This seemed easy enough, but when I go to each layer I can't erase the letters...
  2. Can someone please help me obtain Paint.Net 2.5 or must I go back to Windows Paint?
  3. I hope there is a way to obtain version 2.5. because I can't use 2.61 until Sage Software patches Act! 2006 to be compatible with .Net 2.0 I had Paint.Net 2.5 and wanted 2.61, but I was advised not to install .Net 2.0 by Act! technical support. I uninstalled Act!, installed .Net 2.0 then reinstalled Act! and it worked! Then I uninstalled Paint.Net 2.5 and installed 2.61 and it worked! Everything was fine, except that AddressGrabber Business 4.5 stopped working, which is far more important to me than the differences between Paint.Net 2.5 and 2.61. So, I uninstalled .Net 2.0 and then attempted
  4. I agree, Act! 2006 by Sage software is not written correctly. I would like to download the most recent version of Paint.net which is compatible with .Net 1.1, however, I can't find it. I have searched the site and the forum. Links that should furnish access are sending me to the home page with 2.61. Can anyone help me find version 2.5 please?
  5. I have been advised not to install .Net 2.0 by Sage Software, publishers of Act! So I suppose that means I should just stick with Paint.net 2.5 until such time as Sage updates Act! to be compatible with .Net 2.0
  6. Pls forgive me if this is posted elsewhere, however, I could not figure out how to search all posts. My primary software application is based on .Net 1.1 and is not yet compatible with .Net 2.0. I would like to upgrade from paint.net 2.5 to the most current version of Paint.net that will still work with .Net 1.1. Please reply and direct me with your wisdom?
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