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  1. Sorry I hit a sore point. And understand yer frustration on search egine criteria and all. Was just having a vision of large results page on a google search without rembering to add the quotes. Would like to see this program grow and qrow and grow. And if I was working right now I would donate $$$ to see it become. But jobs in portland are a little tight in the High Tech But keep up the good work Washingtoian.
  2. I started this thread to get people and ideas flowing. I see that has been achieved. I think both the How and Why's are valid points. It has always been a pev of mine. That programmer's are talented and busy people, But are nortorious lacking in novice documentation. And I understand that a programmer is concentrated on the code. Making it Faster,Leaner, more powerful. Documentation,Tutor docs are time consuming and hard to implement so that it reaches the masses without being to dumbed down. But there are some great people here trying to address this issue and hope to see this area grow and grow. Keep them coming user's every little bit helps
  3. I am aware of that. But most people are not. In this world of gimme,gimme they want it as easy as can be. I was just making an observation that I guess is a limitation based on the search engine. Even I on first time search did not include the quotes. Was just wondering if the team was aware how this might impact users starting out and trying to use google to find all things Paint.NET Thanks for your response
  4. I don't know if this is an issue. But to get it on google search would help promote this great undertaking. I don't even know how it is done but would be nice to see results in google based on Paint.NET search term. Keep up the great undertaking.
  5. What is needed by me is like a complete course that starts with a minimial understanding of graphics programs. And starts with ok let's create a picture from scratch. I need something that takes me step by step for each kind of tools and how changing thier values effects this that and so on and so on. Modules based complete in the can. The ones here are great as general get it done kinda of thing. But dosn't go into much of explanation of how and why u click on this or adjust this to that value. Any help to Web-based tutorials,downloadable docs,freeware or just good books to start with that would step me through the simple to complex art of creating graphics. Would be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!