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  1. Love the reflection of the grapes in the apple, so well done. I can only aspire...
  2. Congrats, Guys! I really wish I would've known Woodsy; he sounds like he was a really great person.
  3. They look fine to me @welshblue, but then I'm breaking in new glasses as well. I find your notepad almost photographic, really great work. @Pixey thanks for pointing me to the tutorial and the little extra tidbits. I'm always ready to pick up new techniques.
  4. This guide makes me feel better about myself, because I have been taking copious notes since beginning to learn this program-both on paper and in a Wordpad document that I keep updating. When I look at some of my early 'tips' that I put into this document I laugh, but it really does help me to remember how to do something. I could add: Don't be afraid to experiment. That's what the Undo button is for.
  5. *pokes head out* @Pixey I liked your entry very much-the spirals are a nice touch; how did you achieve them?
  6. Hi @Seerose! Thank you for the welcome! I'm very flattered that you would think so😌, but actually I'm not an expert or advanced, I'm a beginner. I 'drew' the notebook using the straight and curved line tool, used flood fill to add colors, and then added the shadows and highlights using TR's Dodge and Burn plugin and @BoltBait's Shadow plugin. Not advanced techniques at all-very easy to do. Anything that looks expert probably has to do with the fact that I'm a trained artist/illustrator...I just think of something I want to draw and it comes out of my head into my hand, even digital things 🤔. I have such a notebook as I drew on my desk here, and I just looked at it for reference.
  7. You are quite right, @xod...I'll do what @Pixey suggested and play around with the image. If I want to learn, I have to practice, right? @docnich, that's very nice of you-I like it very much. And @Ego Eram Reputo, I thought I had all of the useful plugins-but this one is new; thank you for pointing me to it. EDIT: I did what @Pixey suggested, messed around a bit with the result, and this is what I came up with: I had to shrink it really small to fit the little frame, but the results were good. Thanks everyone who replied in this thread. ☺️
  8. Thanks for responding, @xod and @Pixey! Xod, yes, that's what I'm looking for exactly! How did you do it? Would you mind if I saved your photo? And Pixey, thank you for pointing me to that site, that will make future projects much easier!
  9. I have here a photo of my late grandparents: What I need is to have my grandfather closer to my grandmother, because the project I'm working on need for their heads to be almost touching. What steps do you guys suggest I take to get the effect I'm looking for? I need to fit them together in quite a small space (for a Christmas ornament circular cutout about an inch in diameter.)
  10. I love to sew by hand; I find it very relaxing. I made this bride doll for my niece. I did all of the sewing and beadwork by hand. It took many hours, but I enjoyed it.
  11. Thanks for your help @HyReZ. It's all much clearer to me now.