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  1. I'm enjoying this new OOTF challenge...but OMG is it taking me forever. I don't know how you guys are coming up with entries so quickly!
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied, or even read and gave me a good thought. @welshblue...I'm pretty well over the whole Covid thing, too. I just want it all in my rearview mirror. Now that I'm firmly on the mend I'm ready for life to be what it once was, and sad that it won't be, probably ever.
  3. Thanks very much @lynxster4 and @Pixey! I actually feel pretty good, considering. I've been keeping to myself at home up here in my room, but big day tomorrow-my sister is coming over to take me out for a bit. Just for a drive, and maybe some takeout to eat in the car. I have a mask of course, so we might brave WalMart depending on how I feel about it. I am dying to do a bit of shopping, but not *dying* to do a bit of shopping if you know what I mean. 🤨
  4. Hey everybody...I'm not dead, and that's really saying something. I was (I guess) one of the first wave of people to get Covid, in March. I was in and out of the hospital for two months, and am currently working on 75% lung capacity. Even better than that, on the 4th of July I had a heart attack which they tell me was related to the Covid. It was mild, thankfully. I'm controlling it with an aspirin a day. I haven't touched PDN in months, as you might imagine it was kind of low on my list of priorities. I have recently taken up my hobbies again though, and am looking forward to creating some stuff. I can only promise that I'm checking the forum every day, and will do my best to keep up with everyone better than I have been.
  5. Still no monitor, and I've been denied permission to install PDN on this other computer. Going to probably hit my sister up for a loan this weekend, hopefully.
  6. I'm not entering my own topic, wahhhh! Right now I'm downstairs on my aunt's computer. Our WiFi was out for a couple of days, but now that it's back my monitor has died and I can't afford a new one right now so I just wanted to wish everyone luck and I hope the topic isn't too hard!
  7. Ohmigoodness-I don't usually win stuff! And here I thought my entry sucked. Thanks, guys! Everyone did a great job, congrats to all!
  8. Congratulations, everyone! The entries were all lovely. I'm very grateful for my third place, thank you! 😌
  9. Thanks for the replies, @welshblue and @lynxster4. I was aiming for glitter, and I should have followed my instincts and removed it when it didn't turn out. And I'll dial down the saturation and see what I get. About to go out Christmas shopping, but I'll play around with it when I get back.
  10. Everyone's Santa entries are so good-love them! I had a good concept, but was frustrated by lack of experience.
  11. I'm going to give it try @Seerose...just thinking about what I want to do now. 🤔☺️
  12. Thanks, @lynxster4-and congratulations! Congrats to all the winners!
  13. @Pixey that's wonderful work! Very nicely done, more for me to aspire to. 🤶
  14. I see I put my Congrats in the wrong thread! Noob. Once again, big Congratulations for @welshblue and @Pixey. Your creations were not only wonderful, but they've inspired me to try and up my game.
  15. Hey @welshblue and @Pixey, Congratulations for winning the notepad contest!
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