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  1. Amazing work! I like the second one from post #822 the most.
  2. Thank you! Will make more random and crazy work.
  3. Thanks! Gonna stick around for your work as well
  4. Its fantastic! Gonna try something like that soon.
  5. Thanks CC, you will be seeing more work like that soon
  6. Awesome Work!! I wish I could be capable of work like that.
  7. I use cooltext.com for all of my text related stuff. PDN is inferior in text related stuff.
  8. If I wanted to make a ghost like animal, I would use the the smudge plugin and blur tools to slowly fade it away, not to mention opacity as everyone else.
  9. Gonna put up my soon to be sig. 100% PDN except for the text which i used an online logo generator. The text is extremely edited though. Edit: Re submitted cause of the size.
  10. Thanks everyone! It seems that the bird image is the most popular, will work on making more like that.
  11. Since I havent posted in a while im gonna have everyone ask what they want to see me make.
  12. Limons is pretty cool, the colors and theme go well together. Drewdale has a nice sig too but its too simple. My vote is for Limon. Limon 2 Drewdale 1
  13. Thanks everyone for the comments and likes I also love trying to see what you guys see in the abstracts
  14. I added another abstract image but the quality was killed as i uploaded it
  15. Ive been using paint dot net for some time now and decided to join the community! The spoiler below is for my abstracts. Bird in the cold Cheetah *Hot* Lambo Fire breathing Lion
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